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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ichiro Suzuki: only lefty hitter with higher BA against lefty pitchers.

Ichiro Suzuki, at least since 1950, is the only lefty batter with a higher batting average (BA) against lefty pitchers than against righty pitchers. See previous post.

By Dave Sizer (Opening Day - Mariners 2010)
Wikimedia Commons
lefties 2,416 AB, 798 Hits: .330    OBP .368;  SLG .418
righties 5,669 AB, 1,808 Hits: .319 BA    OBP .364; SLG .419

Maybe it's bunting.  Ichiro has 72 bunt hits.  No.
21/798=.02631578947    2.6% of hits against lefty pitchers
(72-21)/1,808=.0282079646    2.8% of hits against righty pitchers

1903-2012 percent righty:
batters 63.5%
pitchers 73%

His BA home/road are almost dead even.

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