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Friday, March 15, 2013

WBC: Torre should have thrown down the card!

Monday, March 4, 2013
Craig Kimbrel or Strike Out a game card?

For those of you silly enough to vote for the pitcher it's not too late to change your vote in my poll, which ends at the end of March.  The card never fails.  Hence the foolishness of treating a player as if he was infallible.

Craig Kimbrel lost the World Baseball Classic (WBC) game last night in the ninth inning.  If team USA manager Joe Torre had the option I wonder when, not if, he would have used his strike out a game card.

Two other points about the WBC:

1. The website makes it irritatingly difficult to determine which, if any, USA pitchers have pitched in the Major Baseball League (MBL).  Why not show them with their MBL stats?  When I click on an individual why am I presented with that player's spring training stats, both annual and career?  Who knew there even were such stats?  Is that to cover the fact that so many players have little or no MBL experience?

2. I did not recognize most of the names of the USA pitchers on the roster in this round.  This may be redundant after #1.

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