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Friday, August 30, 2013

No trades during the season. Constitutional amendment 3.

3. No trades during the season.


Friday, June 8, 2012
Constitutional amendments for team sports.

There are really no implementation issues here, just the elimination of a rule.  Below is the reasoning for that.

This is pretty much the same for all three U.S. sports.  For a long time baseball has done this the most.  However, with the addition of one more tournament spot in 2012 more teams seem reluctant to give up and trade otherwise good players just to possibly get some benefit a few years later.

Aside from any tactical considerations trades during the season undermine the integrity of the game, yes, much more than use of performance enhancing drugs (PED).

Try this scenario.  A team spends all off season promoting certain players.  Based on that fans buy lots of tickets in advance, including season tickets, i.e., tickets for EVERY game.  Then before the July 31 trading deadline that same team trades some or even all of those featured players.  I'm amazed that fans have yet to file a class action law suit claiming false advertising, etc.

Plus, that team becomes much less competitive immediately.  Any other team that plays them after the best players have been traded has a big advantage over a rival that played the team before it traded its best players.  What happens in 2-3 years does not make up for the impact on the tournament competition this season.

The clown rules that seem to provide incentive for teams substantially changing their roster should be changed or eliminated.

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