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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Dempster hits Rodriguez game: let's give people grades.

Alex Rodriguez: A+

Ryan Dempster: F

Joe Girardi: B

90% of Red Sox lynch mob: F

Allan Huber "Bud" Selig: F

As it usually is during games, the conduct of Rodriguez was exemplary.  After being intentionally thrown at and ultimately hit, Rodriguez held his temper and made no menacing movement towards his assailant and no negative gesture towards the lynch mob.  Rodriguez even played well, complete with that towering home run to center field off Dempster in their final confrontation.  Whatever his offences, Rodriguez does them in private.  A+.

Dempster's grade is obvious.  His conduct was unprovoked, cowardly and utterly reprehensible.  F.

Girardi was correct in blowing his stack but he was ineffective in getting the umpires to eject Dempster.  Girardi should have pulled the team and said he was forfeiting.  There is an outside chance that the umpires might have relented.  B.

People in Boston are obnoxious by nature, even more so when assembled as a group for a sporting event, worse as a Red Sox lynch mob.  My long time paraphrase of Will Rogers: I never met a Met fan who knew what he was talking about ... or a Boston fan of any sport.  F.

I considered giving Selig a grade other than F but Selig created this mess and, of course, mismanaged it throughout.  F.

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