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Friday, November 29, 2013

Waiting for Godot and Cano.

Baltimore September 9, 2012
By Keith Allison (Flickr: Robinson Cano)
via Wikimedia Commons
Robinson Cano, when will you know?

Come on, man.  Get off the dime.  Make a decision.  Remain a Yankee or walk?  Can you talk?

If the Yankees drop out of the bidding, Cano will have even less leverage than he does now, which is very little.  Cano has been seduced by some sort of glitter machine and is receiving bad advice.  Very bad advice.

Cano should have signed a new contract before the 2013 season.  Now that he is a free agent and can sign with any team Cano must realize that there are few if any teams other than the Yankees willing to pay boat loads of money for a second baseman, even one as talented as Cano.

- Cano wants $310 million for ten years
- Yankees offered $160 million for seven years.

Cano is 31 and already the highest paid second baseman of all time.  He wants to be paid double what any second baseman is paid in the next ten years.  The Yankees are offering Cano a 50 percent raise.  Cano wants more than a 100 percent raise.

So far no other team seems seriously interested in Cano, certainly not at Cano's price and not even at the Yankee price.  Once again the Yankees seem to be bidding against themselves.  If Cano cannot get much more from another team, why leave the Yankees?  Cano's position makes no sense.

The Yanks need to set a firm deadline and stick to it.  Cano needs to get his head on straight.

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