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Saturday, January 4, 2014

If Mike Mussina is a Hall of Famer, why not Kevin Brown?

Kevin Brown, remember him or are you trying to forget?  Are the reasons that the enlightened favor Mike Mussina but not Brown for the Hall of Fame:
- winning "percentage":  .594 (211-144) v. .638 (270-153)
- they like Mussina and do not like Brown?

Aren't those the type of things that self described smarties use to criticize the dummies among them?

See my previous post:

Friday, January 3, 2014  Mike Mussina for the Hall of Fame? OK but just don't shout it.

Towards the bottom there is a list for pitchers meeting this criteria:

1946 to 2013, IP>=3000 and ERA+ >=120

I was re-reading the post and noticed that Kevin Brown was higher on the list of 13 pitchers than Mussina: 8 to 12.  All the other pitchers are either already in the Hall of Fame or should be in my opinion.

Innings and ERA+:
Brown 3,256    127
Mussina 3,562    123

Cy Young award career rank for some non winning pitchers:
Brown #45
Mussina #63 (tied with Tommy John)
Jack Morris #77
Bert Blyleven #109

So why Mussina and not Brown?

I wouldn't vote for either.  Hall of Fame voting should be easy.  You shouldn't even need to look up their numbers.  Examples:

Mickey Mantle yes
Willie Mays yes
Richie Ashburn no

Joe Morgan yes
Ryne Sandberg yes
Bill Mazeroski no

See, its' easy.  Now for contemporary pitchers:

Roger Clemens yes
Greg Maddux yes
Pedro Martinez yes
Randy Johnson yes
Tom Glavine yes

Too easy?  Let's try some others.

Curt Schilling yes
John Smoltz yes
Andy Pettitte no

That last set of three is more difficult.  And, again, no to Mussina and Brown.

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paul46 said...

The way business has fallen off in Cooperstown (the town), look for lots of inductees that do not belong in the Hall of Fame