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Monday, July 21, 2014

Bean and boot mean head and foot, not body and bobble.

Yankee announcer Micheal Kay is not alone in mangling baseball lexicon.  Many modern media people get these terms wrong.  But I hear Kay do it most often, including yesterday when an infielder let a routine grounder skip off his glove and Kay immediately exclaimed that the fielder booted it.

Bean: a term referring to the head, especially concerning common sense.  As a verb: being hit in the head.

Boot: obviously, something worn on the foot.  Verb: to boot a ground ball means to kick it with a foot.

In Micheal Kay Land, despite his being a graduate of Fordham University in the Bronx, these two simple terms have come to mean:

bean: hit by pitch on any part of the body;

boot: any infield error on a ground ball.

Maybe this confusion is what leads Kay to describe a batter being smashed with a fastball travelling in excess of 90 miles per hour as being plunked, which hardly connotes the potential damage.

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