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Monday, July 28, 2014

Hall of Fame voters code of conduct introduced ... after 78 years. Say what?

The baseball writers will now have a code of conduct to prevent them from doing what writer/voter and TV personality Dan Le Batard did during the last election to show his disdain for the process, especially involving performance enhancing drugs (PED): give his vote to the people through the deadspin web site.

Le Batard has been banned from baseball Hall of Fame voting for all eternity.  But to make it more difficult for others to mock the Hall, ...
Plaque Gallery July 18, 2001 by Wknight94 via Wikimedia Commons
Hall of Fame Announces Changes to Voting Process for Recently Retired Players, Effective Immediately

July 26, 2014


... for recently retired players, reducing the length of stay on the ballot for players from a maximum of 15 to 10 years ...

Hall of Fame eligible voters will now be required to complete a registration form and sign a code of conduct...

The rules for election are maintained and governed by the Hall of Fame’s Board of Directors. ..

The last rule change implemented by the Hall of Fame came in 1991, formalizing a long-standing unwritten rule that anyone on baseball’s ineligible list cannot be an eligible candidate for Hall of Fame election.

I wonder what this code of conduct will actually contain.  I wonder if it will be made public.

Honor Code: start with Selig.  Friday, August 2, 2013

In anticipation of something revolting from the Major Baseball League (MBL) and Allan Huber "Bud" Selig, commissioner, grand wizard steroid zealot and chief financial beneficiary of the steroid era...

And how about an honor code for the media people who like to call other people cheaters?  Then vote each other Hall of Fame recognition, including in 2013 when no living players were voted in.  Maybe the players should vote on the media people.  That would be interesting.

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