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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Surprise! Vote on new commissioner is tomorrow! Do we fans get to vote?

Not only do we fans not get a say but incumbent commissioner 80 year old Allan Huber "Bud" Selig does not get a say, not if Chicago White Sox owner and former Buddy buddy 78 year old Jerry Reinsdorf has anything to say.  Selig backs his "deputy", Rob Manfred, to succeed him but Reinsdorf opposes that because ... are you sitting down?  Because Sellig is no longer an owner.  You can't make up stuff like this.  Oh, and also Reinsdorf and Angels owner Arte Moreno (68) think that Manfred is too cozy with the players, what with Manfred letting Alex Rodriguez get his PED suspension reduced from 211 to a mere 162 games.

There's an owners meeting tomorrow in Baltimore and on Monday that sly Selig sent an e-mail message to the owners informing them that, oh by the way, after all the jerking around and with five months remaining on my tenure, we're selecting my successor in three days at our meeting: bet you can't guess who the candidates are.

Nice surprise.  Old Buddy pulling a fast one.  Who'd have thought it?  Certainly not the Steinbrenner Kids, who own the Yankees.  Wonder if they even check their own e-mail.  They probably have it printed and faxed to their summer locations.  Oh, well.  Won't they be surprised tomorrow when/if they show up.

Here's a voters guide to candidates for commissioner of the Major Baseball League (MBL): no it's not commissioner of the game of baseball.

There are 30 owners and a candidate needs 75% (23 votes) to be elected.  What if only 20 owners show up?  Would 15 of the 20 elect?

Secret ballot?  If not, order of voting?  Are bribes allowed?  Can Selig suspend owners who vote the wrong way and re-vote?

Candidates interviewed and nominated by the MBL search committee:

Rob Manfred: MBL chief operating officer; handled labor relations and MBL drug-testing program (well, just of the players); supported by Selig.

Tom Werner: non-majority owner of the Boston Red Sox during three championships; television producer, including "The Cosby Show"; ran San Diego Padres in 1990s; supported by Reinsdorf and Moreno; hoping Cincinnati, Oakland, Arizona and Washington will help block Manfred; Red Sox may be trying for leverage over Manfred to keep more TV money from their regional sports network.

Tim Brosnan: MBL executive vice president for business; produced increasingly lucrative television and sponsorship deals; close to Selig.

UNdeclared candidates:

Mark Attanasio: owner Milwaukee Brewers, the team Selig owned when he became commissioner.

Stuart Sternberg: owner Tampa Bay Rays.

Commissioner Vote Could Be Anybody’s Ballgame
Tom Werner Is Trying to Block Rob Manfred’s Bid to Replace Bud Selig

Red Sox president Larry Lucchino, Tom Werner, John Henry, principal owner

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