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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Derek Jeter passes Alex Rodriguez in Runs, but they did NOT stop the game and save the ball.

At least not that I noticed.  Yankee announcer Micheal Kay mentioned once that Derek Jeter had passed Alex Rodriguez in Runs and they showed a list of the top run scorers but with the top seven or so chopped off, I guess to give the illusion that Jeter is higher than he is.  Top 20 list is below.

When Derek Jeter passes Alex Rodriguez in Runs, will they stop the game and save the ball?  Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I then started looking again at the milestones that Bud Selig prevented Alex Rodriguez from reaching this season because Selig suspended Rodriguez for using performance enhancing drugs (PED):

Runs: 1,919 (2,000)
RBI: 1,969 (2,000)
Hits: 2,939 (3,000)

Yeah, I know, Rodriguez stuck a needle in his ass and injected steroids.  Very amusing and insightful.

I then noticed that Jeter has 1,913 Runs.  Even with Rodriguez banned, Jeter is still behind him in the one thing you'd think Jeter should have been better at: getting on base and scoring.  Rodriguez has 1,919, six more than Jeter.  By the way, On Base average:
Rodriguez .384
Jeter .379

Games have been stopped and the ball saved for posterity each time Jeter passes someone in Hits, most recently Carl Yastrzemski and the all time shortstop Honus Wagner.

It took Derek Jeter from August 5 to September 20 to score seven lousy runs.  That's because Derek Jeter was not getting on base, his virtue as a batter since he does not hit for power.  Since August 5.  I wrote that post because I thought that Jeter reaching the top ten in runs was imminent.

Yankee Rickey Henderson steals third
first game of a doubleheader at Yankee Stadium Aug. 19, 1988
by Rdikeman via Wikimedia Commons
Scoring runs is a big deal.  Jeter reaching the top ten is a great accomplishment.  The Yankees should have made a much bigger deal about it than they did.  For some reason they are fixed on the number of hits that Jeter gets. There are signs on the Yankee Stadium bases commemorating Jeter hit milestones.  This Jeter mania is now well beyond embarrassing.  The Yankee home uniform shirt has the Derek Jeter copyrighted number 2 logo in addition to the logo being on the the cap.  Absent is any commemoration of Jeter having the Yankee records for most outs, ground ball double plays hit into and strike outs.  Jeter has over 2,300 more outs than the next Yankee, Bernie Williams, number 98 in runs scored.   One time Yankee Rickey Henderson is number one in runs scored.

Totals are achieved by those who play the most.  Jeter is number six in hits and number seven in at bats.

and number ten in plate appearances:

and number twelve in outs:

Jeter will probably pass Craig Biggio in outs, since he needs only 21 in eight games.  Will they stop the game and save the ball?

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