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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Michael Pineda wears his Yankee uniform like a slob. Why doesn't captain Derek Jeter correct him?

Michael Pineda pitches with his shirt half unbuttoned and his hat way to the side.  He looks like a clown.  Maybe he wouldn't if somebody had shown some leadership two years ago when another Yankee pitcher did his slob routine; at least he waited until the game was over.

Rafael Soriano, keep your shirt together!  Thursday, June 28, 2012

George Michael Steinbrenner III must be turning over in his grave.  Spinning!  The late Yankee owner wanted his team to display class when pummeling opponents and we Yankee fans expect no less...

... is Rafael Soriano simply a slob? ...

Why have no Yankees done anything about  Soriano's shirt pulling act?

- The four adult Steinbrenner children
- Yankee president Randy Levine (What is it he does now that the new Yankee Stadium has been built?)
- Yankee general manager Brian Cashman
Yankee manager Joe Girardi
Yankee captain Derek Jeter
Yankee announcers like Micheal Kay who has an opinion on everything and no inhibition on imposing those opinions on the captive Yankee TV audience
Mariano Rivera (It never occurred to Rivera to take Soriano aside and explain to him that a Yankee does not act that way?)
- the rest of the Yankee coaches and players, including pitching coach

This conduct is embarrassing.  Soriano should be embarrassing the Mets, not the Yankees.  Geez!

Rafael Soriano, act like a Yankee!  Joe DiMaggio is watching.

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