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Sunday, September 7, 2014

More on the selling of Derek Jeter.

Today is the day.  In this galaxy, it's Derek Jeter day at Yankee Stadium.  I've been a Yankee fan since 1958 but I'm dreading this overblown commercial mess.

baseball-reference.com: "Career to date (may be incomplete) $265,159,364"  The Yankees have paid Jeter more than a quarter of a billion dollars but apparently Jeter wants much more.

The selling of Derek Jeter.  Thursday, September 4, 2014

Derek Jeter Day is this Sunday at Yankee Stadium.  Jeter is the 40 year old Yankee captain who is retiring after this season.

Derek Jeter merchandise is becoming obscene.  What kind of idiot would spend the kind of money being asked for this stuff? ...

... has a team worn a player's number while he was still alive?  And in Jeter's case, still an active player?  Have we lost our minds?

And where are the values?  What is Jeter thinking?  Is this his way of teaching young people?

The Man Who Spins Pinstripes Into Gold
Brandon Steiner, in Deal With Yankees, Is a Sports Memorabilia Maven
By RICHARD SANDOMIRSEPT. 5, 2014  The New York Times

When Jeter was on a path to 3,000 hits, Steiner masterminded much of the merchandising. He has a similar role for Jeter’s final season, a year after managing the sales of collectibles during Mariano Rivera’s retirement tour.

Before the season, Steiner published a 62-page Jeter catalog, and fans now can buy items like his shoes, his caps and the balls he throws to first base...

... he relentlessly markets the Yankees to anyone willing to pay as little as a few dollars or as much as $25,000 for a product...

Steiner saw Jeter’s value early, pursuing him — and his agent, Casey Close — at a dinner for Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation in 1996, Jeter’s first full season with the Yankees...

Jeter is as essential to Steiner’s brand as he has been to the Yankees’ throughout his career. No single athlete, among the many across various sports, has had a bigger impact at Steiner Sports, financially or for its image...

... the Yankees remain his (Steiner's) primary meal ticket...

Jeter’s used uniforms (more than $25,000, dirt stain included) ...

... Jeter and (Tino) Martinez moved to a separate room where the fans who had paid $2,000 to $2,500 for premium packages met each player, received signed collectibles, posed for photographs with them and attended a cocktail party. As Jeter and Martinez sat together in rigid chairs, fans stood in line and, when signaled, moved behind them for a snapshot.

Derek Jeter announces his retirement after 2014 season and the slobbering is in full force on the Selig TV Network.  Thursday, February 13, 2014

Massive slobbering is spreading across the land.  I fear a farewell tour.  Oh, the humanity.

Yankee captain Derek Jeter apparently announced his retirement on his facebook page to the surprise of all...

Top ten players?  Top ten shortstops?   Blah, blah, blah.

Jeter's rank is largely due to his longevity.  When he has played the field it has only been at shortstop.  Had he been switched to another position in his later years Jeter might not even be playing any more.  He doesn't hit for enough power to play third base or left field.

And what if Yankee manager Joe Torre, recently elected to the Hall of Fame, largely because of Jeter's play in Torre's first six seasons managing the Yankees, had switched Jeter to third for the 2004 season and put A-Rod at short in his first Yankee season?  How would that have changed Jeter's rank among all time players? ...

Most of the blathering on MLB Network is about totals, like times on base.  I thought comparing Jeter to Rodriguez again might provide some perspective.

On the all time Yankee list I'd rank Jeter 6 or 7 among non-pitchers.  Here they are in order by OPS+:

1. Babe Ruth 206
4. Lou Gehrig 179, MVP, triple crown
6. Mickey Mantle 172, 3 MVP, triple crown
22. Joe DiMaggio 155, 3 MVP
201. Bill Dickey 127
236. Yogi Berra 125, 3 MVP
438. Derek Jeter 117

The big four come first, then Berra, then Dickey or Jeter.  That's my ranking without a system as a Yankee fan.  I think that's high praise for Jeter.

I love Jeter but I hope he will forego a dreadful repeat of the Mariano Rivera farewell tour.  I'm really hoping that the Steinbrenner Kids do not repeat their numerology circus ...

The Yanks can also schedule yet another tribute day which may be needed to draw fans in case the Yanks are drifting out of contention late in the 2014 season.

Derek Jeter is not a great hitter or fielder. So, how can he be a great player?  Friday, February 14, 2014

As you go through this post think about this fundamental question: who is he better than?  As a hitter, who is Derek Jeter than?  Who is the best hitter Jeter is better than? ...

Of all the nonsense I heard Wednesday on D-Day (Derek Day retirement announcement) the silliest was to say that Jeter is for his era what Ruth, DiMaggio and Mantle were for theirs.  Somehow Gehrig was omitted.  Say what?  Jeter as a batter was below two catchers, Dickey and Berra, and we all know the physical toll that catching takes.

Here is the brutal summary that exposes Jeter as a consistently good but not great hitter.

yearYankee LeaderOPS+Jeter OPS+Jeter rank
1996Bernie Williams1311014
1997Bernie Williams1471034
1998Bernie Williams1601273
1999Derek Jeter1531531
2000Bernie Williams1401283
2001Bernie Williams1391242
2002Jason Giambi1721116
2003Jason Giambi1481254
2004Gary Sheffield1411145
2005Alex Rodriguez1731255
2006Jason Giambi1491323
2007Alex Rodriguez1761214
2008Alex Rodriguez1501025
2009Mark Teixeira1411253
2010Robinson Cano141907
2011Curtis Granderson1421005
2012Robinson Cano1481145

In 18 seasons Jeter was the best Yankee hitter once.  ONCE!  I find that shocking.  During his own era Jeter was not the best hitter on his own team.  Generally, Jeter was number four ... on his own team.  How much could Jeter have possibly been needed? ...

Derek Jeter is not a great hitter or fielder.  So, how can he be a great player?  I don't have a good answer.  But I'd vote for him for the Hall of Fame.  He's a Yankee and I like him.  That's my view as a fan.

In ranking Jeter, why ignore Banks, Yount, Rodriguez?  Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ernie Banks, Robin Count and Alex Rodriguez were all MVP shortstops, Banks twice, before changing positions in the middle of their careers: Banks to first, Yount to center (another MVP), Rodriguez to third (two more MVP).

In all the adulation and evaluation of Derek Jeter, who has played the field only at shortstop, why not include the shortstop portions of those three careers?  The current consensus seems to be that Jeter is second only to Cal Ripken among post WWII (World War 2; after 1945) shortstops.  Jeter is the better hitter, Ripken the better fielder.

Derek Jeter: some perspective on where he ranks.  Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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