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Monday, September 8, 2014

The number 2 is banned by Bud Selig to honor Derek Jeter.

Derek Jeter is the son Bud Selig never had.  In order to honor Jeter beyond what the Steinbrenner Kids and Nike (supplying Micheal Jordan) did yesterday at Yankee Stadium on Derek Jeter Day, commissioner Selig has banned the use of Jeter's uniform number 2.  This ban is complete, not just in the wearing of the number on a uniform, except, of course, the Jeter combination logo/patch, which is mandatory in perpetuity and retroactively.

More on the selling of Derek Jeter.  Sunday, September 7, 2014

The patch is now required on all clothing worn by employees of the Major Baseball League (MBL), fans attending games and fans watching games on TV.

The ban of the number 2 in all other respects has many implications, including:

- There will no longer be innings 2, 12 or 20.  2 is skipped.  12 becomes 1 and the game reverts back.  20 should never be reached but if it is, 20 becomes 0 and the game in mercifully over.

- No uniform may have the digit 2.  So, 12 becomes 1, 20 becomes 0, 32 becomes 3, stuff like that.

- Strike 2 is eliminated; the batter goes directly from strike 1 to strike 3.

- Ball 2 is similarly eliminated but with less drastic results.

- Base 2 is eliminated.  Batters will now run over the pitcher's mound on their way from base 1 to base 3.

- 2 runs cannot be scored in an inning or game.  A team must go from 1 to 3 runs.

- The word for 2 may not be spoken out of respect.

Well, that's just the beginning I'm sure.  Allan Huber "Bud" Selig is not 2 be outdone in showing his respect for his idol.

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