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Friday, October 10, 2014

Final Four 2004-2014: 73% traditional teams existing before 1961. How about a Super League?

Baltimore Orioles host Kansas City Royals (created in 1969)

St. Louis Cardinals host San Francisco Giants

Final Four: traditional teams. Coincidence?  Friday, October 11, 2013

Boston Red Sox host Detroit Tigers
St. Louis Cardinals host Los Angeles Dodgers

No Rays, Marlins, Rockies, Diamondbacks.  None of that goofy stuff.  Just real baseball names from real baseball towns.

Baltimore had been the sad sack St. Louis Browns until 1954 so if the Orioles play the Cardinals in the finals that connection will receive some attention, probably more than it should.

So after all the randomness of this 2014 tournament until now, three of four final four teams are old time traditional, especially the Giants and Cardinals.  My previous post dealt with the seven former Cy Young award winning pitchers, only one of whom won a game in this tournament so far.

The Cardinals were among the final four each of the last four years and seven of the eleven.  Here are the final four teams back through 2004; winners in bold, expansion teams (created in 1961 or later) in red:

2014Baltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsSt. Louis CardinalsSan Francisco Giants2014
2013Boston Red SoxDetroit TigersSt. Louis CardinalsLos Angeles DodgersBoston Red Sox2013
2012Detroit TigersNew York YankeesSt. Louis CardinalsSan Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants2012
2011Detroit TigersTexas RangersSt. Louis CardinalsMilwaukee BrewersSt. Louis Cardinals2011
2010New York YankeesTexas RangersPhiladelphia PhilliesSan Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants2010
2009New York YankeesLos Angeles AngelsPhiladelphia PhilliesLos Angeles DodgersNew York Yankees2009
2008Boston Red SoxTampa RaysPhiladelphia PhilliesLos Angeles DodgersPhiladelphia Phillies2008
2007Boston Red SoxCleveland IndiansColorado RockiesArizona DiamondbacksBoston Red Sox2007
2006Detroit TigersOakland AthleticsSt. Louis CardinalsNew York MetsSt. Louis Cardinals2006
2005Chicago White SoxLos Angeles AngelsSt. Louis CardinalsHouston AstrosChicago White Sox2005
2004Boston Red SoxNew York YankeesSt. Louis CardinalsHouston AstrosBoston Red Sox2004

Only twelve of the 44 are expansion teams, generally in smaller markets.  Twenty-seven percent.  Seventy-three percent are old traditional teams.  The Mets straddle since they are in New York; the Angels are not really in Los Angeles.  Six of the eleven are American Conference teams, six National Conference.

Multiple occurrences:

St. Louis Cardinals 7
New York Yankees 4
Boston Red Sox 4
Detroit Tigers 4
San Francisco Giants 3
Philadelphia Phillies 3
Los Angeles Dodgers 3
Los Angeles Angels 2
Houston Astros 2

No expansion team won the finals and no finals series matched two expansion teams.  Expansion teams reached the finals in only five of the eleven years.

Super League  Sunday, March 29, 2009

I really don't care whether Kansas City has a MLB team.  Nor Toronto.  Nor Pittsburgh.  I'm tired of junk like small market teams and revenue sharing.  There's a reason it's called MAJOR league.  It does not mean that Kansas City cannot have a baseball team.  It means that Kansas City is not entitled to a MAJOR league team, subsidized by fans of the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Dodgers, etc.
Why don't those teams drop out of MLB and form a super league of their own?  They could form their own television network and/or cut deals with existing networks.  Ten teams would do  it.  Here are my suggestions:

New York Yankees
New York Mets
Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs
Los Angeles Dodgers
Philadelphia Phillies
Boston Red Sox
Detroit Tigers
Cleveland Indians
St. Louis Cardinals

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