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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

SO/HR, SO/BB: Harmon Killebrew, Mickey Mantle best; Lou Brock, Derek Jeter worst among Strike Out leaders.

That's among the players with the most career Strike Outs (SO): minimum 1,699.

Use common stats to judge both batters and pitchers. Monday, August 25, 2014

A couple of times during the Yankee-White Sox series just completed Yankee announcer Micheal Kay stated that Adam Dunn had the worst ratio of strike outs (SO) to at bats (AB) in baseball history.  He indicated that his teams were willing to tolerate his SO because he also hit a lot of home runs (HR).  Unmentioned was the real reason for that tolerance: Dunn drew a lot of Bases on Balls (BB).


That combined with my recently noticing that Derek Jeter was number 13 in career SO made me look at the ratios: SO/HR and SO/BB.  I also added them together as an X factor.  The lower, the better.

Harmon Killebrew, Baseball Digest, back cover, April 1962 via Wikimedia Commons

As mentioned in the title, best and worst X factor:
Harmon Killebrew 4.05; second best SO/HR and SO/BB
Mickey Mantle 4.18; also the only player with SO/BB under 1: .99
average 6.59
Derek Jeter 8.78; second worst SO/HR
Lou Brock 13.88; worst SO/HR

Brock had the fewest HR: 149.

Alfonso Soriano fewest BB: 496.

Ken Griffey best: 2.96
average 4.70
Lou Brock worst: 11.61

Mickey Mantle best: 0.99
average 1.89
Alfonso Soriano worst: 3.64

1Reggie Jackson2,5975631,3754.611.896.5011,4189,864
2Jim Thome2,5486121,7474.161.465.6210,3138,422
3Adam Dunn2,3794621,3175.151.816.968,3286,883
4Sammy Sosa2,3066099293.792.486.279,8968,813
5Alex Rodriguez2,0756541,2403.171.674.8511,3449,818
6Andres Galarraga2,0033995835.023.448.468,9168,096
7Jose Canseco1,9424629064.202.146.358,1297,057
8Willie Stargell1,9364759374.082.076.149,0277,927
9Mike Cameron1,9012788676.842.199.037,8846,839
10Mike Schmidt1,8835481,5073.441.254.6910,0628,352
11Fred McGriff1,8824931,3053.821.445.2610,1748,757
12Tony Perez1,8673799254.932.026.9410,8619,778
13Bobby Abreu1,8402881,4766.391.257.6410,0818,480
14Derek Jeter1,8402601,0827.081.708.7812,60211,195
15Dave Kingman1,8164426084.112.997.107,4296,677
16Manny Ramirez1,8135551,3293.271.364.639,7748,244
17Alfonso Soriano1,8034124964.383.648.018,3957,750
18Ken Griffey1,7796301,3122.821.364.1811,3049,801
19Bobby Bonds1,7573329145.291.927.218,0907,043
20Craig Biggio1,7532911,1606.021.517.5412,50410,876
21Andruw Jones1,7484348914.031.965.998,6647,599
22Dale Murphy1,7483989864.391.776.169,0417,960
23Carlos Delgado1,7454731,1093.691.575.268,6577,283
24Lou Brock1,73014976111.612.2713.8811,24010,332
25Jim Edmonds1,7293939984.401.736.137,9806,858
26Mickey Mantle1,7105361,7333.190.994.189,9078,102
27Harmon Killebrew1,6995731,5592.971.094.059,8338,147

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