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Thursday, November 6, 2014

To A-Rod or Not to A-Rod? That is the question.

Some hot shot Oakland front office guy I never heard of, Farhan Zaidi, is joining the Dodgers as GM.  That's two hot shots the Dodgers have added recently:

Dumb and lazy Steinbrenner Kids never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity: Tampa GM goes to Dodgers.  Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A few days ago the Steinbrenner Kids, who own the New York Yankees, signed their 16 year incumbent general manager (GM) Brian Cashman to a new three year contract.  Did they know that the Tampa Rays GM was available, that Andrew Friedman was talking to the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Alex Rodriguez 1994
Calgary Cannons by John Traub
via Wikimedia Commons
OK, so what's one more hot shot not working for the Yankees?  The last couple of years because of turmoil with ownership the Los Angeles Dodgers have actually spent more on player payroll than the Yankees, who have not qualified for the tournament two years in a row despite the addition of a second wild card opportunity.  That's why I think that the Steinbrenner Kids are more inclined to A-Rod, than not to A-Rod.

Alex Rodriguez was removed from his suspended state after the end of the tournament.  Then news that A-Rod admitted to federal investigators having used performance enhancing drugs (PED) despite  his vehement denials.

New commissioner should protect A-Rod.  Thursday, November 6, 2014

The new commissioner, Rob Manfred, was the executioner for the current commissioner, Allan Huber "Bud" Selig.  Now there is more of an indication that Rodriguez did what they charged and for which he has paid dearly.  That should be the end to it.  No more vigilante acts should be tolerated.  Get over it and get on with the season.  Commissioner Manfred can send a clear message that there is a change in administration and that he can be magnanimous and fair.

Followed by what I hope was the most hysterical reaction from a writer who makes clear in the opening paragraph her contempt for all things Yankee:

With Alex Rodriguez Coming Back, Things Look Bleak in the Bronx  NOV. 5, 2014  The New York Times

In a million years, in a million baseball seasons, I never would have dreamed I’d ever say this: I feel sorry for the Yankees...

The Yankees could simply cut Rodriguez and basically pay him all the money he is owed.

Yeah, right.  Pay A-Rod $60 million to not play or, even more stupidly, to play for another team?

Barry Bonds was blackballed...

Alex Rodriguez was blackballed for the 2014 season.  Even with his missing that entire season Rodriguez in 2015 can join Hank Aaron as only the players with:
600 HR
3,000 Hits
2,000 RBI
2,000 Runs.

So the question is just how stupid are the Steinbrenner Kids?

Maybe, just maybe, Yankee management is not so dumb as to pay Rodriguez to set three major milestones for another team, like Seattle, where Rodriguez started and where it makes perfect sense for the prodigal to return, if he does leave the Yankees.

Maybe, too, Yankee fans and baseball fans in general will be more open minded ...

Maybe the one season penalty will legitimize career milestones by Rodriguez: without PED he would have reached them anyway.  That seems reasonable, rather than the blathering we heard from some, especially so many in the self-righteous media, who wanted to ban all records set by PED users.  Oh wait, just batters.  No, just home run hitters.  The steroid zealots may finally be fading away...

Scoring and home run hitting are down.  Strike outs are up.  Boring! ...

Derek Jeter will be gone in 2015.  Enter the anti-Jeter.  At least for the entertainment value.


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