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Monday, February 23, 2015

Steinbrenner Kids, sell the Yankees.

19 year old Yoan Moncada, the latest Cuban hot shot, signed with the Boston Red Sox, not their arch rival, the New York Yankees.  The four adult children of the late owner George Steinbrenner failed again, never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
Yoan Moncada
It's only getting worse:
- too many attempts to distract fans, primarily "days", number retirements, etc.
- biggest mistake this off season by any team: not signing Tampa general manager Andrew Friedman but instead giving their 16 year incumbent Brian Cashman a new three year contract
- spending significant bucks for only one player, Chase Headley, which was purely to spite Alex Rodriguez
- letting the vulgar Derek Jeter farewell tour in 2014 influence too many decisions, which will adversely impact the Yankees for many years to come
- failing to sign the one remaining big time free agent Max Scherzer, which I had made my last straw for the Steinbrenner Kids to sell the Yankees.

There was yet another huge opportunity and the Steinbrenner Kids failed again.  Fail, fail, fail.  Enough.

Steinbrenner Kids, sell the Yankees.

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