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Friday, May 1, 2015

May 1: fines begin for pace of game violations. Yeah, right.

Yeah, right.  I'll be looking for David Ortiz to be confronted by the plate umpire in tonight's Yankee game in Boston.  Yeah, right.

David Ortiz March 31, 2014 by Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons
Pace of play warning month was not enforced. Now what? Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Am I the only one who is even more aggravated by dead time between pitches now that reform is supposedly being implemented? ...

Don't be fooled by the total length of games decreasing.  The issue is the PACE of play when the players are supposed to be playing. Play is the key syllable...

The first month of the regular season was supposed to be a grace period during which umpires would warn batters of violations of new speed up rules.  Has anyone noticed any umpire warn any batter?  I have not. May 1 batters are supposed to be fined for delays.  Who decides?  The same lame umpires who are now aiding and abetting the slow down?

And batters are predictably sliding back into their bad habits...

Dead time between pitches is killing baseball.  Even after Dr. Death, Allan Huber "Bud" Selig, has past from the national pastime that's past its time.


Time limit for running out a home RUN. Inspired by David Ortiz, Fat Papi. Wednesday, July 30, 2014

David Ortiz seems determined to be as obnoxious as possible as often as possible.  The other day he had yet another incident of poor sportsmanship: hitting a home run and taking far too long to start running and far too long circling the bases.  Later the pitcher objected to this and Ortiz compounded things by verbally insulting the pitcher.

... a creative suggestion: a time limit starting when the ball is hit.  That impacts both the standing at home plate and also the tortuously slow home run trot...

The penalty?  The batter gets the number of bases reached when time runs out.  So, if Ortiz takes his not so sweet time, he may only get a triple or double.  Heck, he might even be out if he just stands there making a fool of himself as usual.


Manfred, the A-Rod Slayer, will finally have to enforce something, not just babble about how he'll consider any and all suggestions.  Yeah, right.

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