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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Time limit for running out a home RUN. Inspired by David Ortiz, Fat Papi.

David Ortiz seems determined to be as obnoxious as possible as often as possible.  The other day he had yet another incident of poor sportsmanship: hitting a home run and taking far too long to start running and far too long circling the bases.  Later the pitcher objected to this and Ortiz compounded things by verbally insulting the pitcher.
David Ortiz by Googie Man September 22, 2007 via Wikimedia Commons
It almost makes me want to make an exception to my position that intentionally throwing at a batter is unacceptable.  But I'll stifle that and make a creative suggestion: a time limit starting when the ball is hit.  That impacts both the standing at home plate and also the tortuously slow home run trot.

I'm considering 40 seconds but I'm flexible.  It must be short enough to make Fat Papi uncomfortable.  The longer he lingers, the faster he must run.  And run he must.

The penalty?  The batter gets the number of bases reached when time runs out.  So, if Ortiz takes his not so sweet time, he may only get a triple or double.  Heck, he might even be out if he just stands there making a fool of himself as usual.

Perhaps even more appalling than conduct like this are the excuses made by otherwise normal people:
1. Enthusiasm is good.
2. Other cultures have different conduct.


If you buy into that drivel, then there's no way I can dissuade you.  If you agree with me that players should behave themselves, especially when playing in another country, then there's not much more to say.

I could mention that Mickey Mantle would circle the bases with his head down so that he would not seem to be gloating.  That's ancient history but Derek Jeter is playing now.  Have you ever seen Jeter taunt or flaunt?  And the same people who make lame excuses for the likes of Ortiz, point to Jeter as a prime example of how a player should behave.

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