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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Red Sox fans suck: boo Alex Rodriguez milestone.

Last night in Boston Red Sox fans booed Alex Rodriguez when he stepped from the dugout to pinch hit in the 8th inning with the Yankees and Red Sox tied 2-2.  Rodriguez smashed a dramatic home run to both win the game for the Yankees and also reach an historic milestone.  Rodriguez tied Willie Mays at 660 career home runs.  Mays accomplished this with almost 1,000 more at bats, a fact lost on everyone one else in this galaxy.

Red Sox fans then displayed the monumental poor taste, lack of sportsmanship and hypocrisy to boo Rodriguez as he quickly circled the bases.  Were they just being playful or mean spirited representatives of all baseball fans.  Or are they just too dumb to know why they did it?  Who boos a milestone, even by a player of your arch rival?  Who does that?

Boston Whiteskins Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I have long maintained that there are probably more black people on the teams than in the stands at a Red Sox game in Fenway Park in Boston, MA...

Boston was the last of the 16 major league teams to have a black player: Pumpsie Green July 21, 1959...

Red Sox nation is insulated and isolated geographically, culturally and racially.


Red Sox and Cardinal precedents. Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Do the same people attend each game in Fenway Park?  See figures below for 2013, 1975, 1967 and my previous post: Boston Whiteskins...

1918 World Series (4-2): Boston Red Sox (75-51) over Chicago Cubs (84-45) ...

The Red Sox won game six at Fenway Park before 15,238 fans...

Ruth would set single season home run records in each of the next three seasons:
1919 29 Red Sox home park: Fenway Park
1920 54 Yankees home park: Polo Grounds
1921 59 Yankees home park: Polo Grounds.

Thus was born the "Curse of the Bambino", the transfer of Babe Ruth from the Red Sox to the Yankees.  In 1927 Ruth broke his own record for the final time with 60 home runs playing his home games in Yankee Stadium.


Red Sox nation, the Evil Empire. Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013 Major Baseball League (MBL) tournament ... games 6 and 7 being scheduled in Fenway Park Boston ...

The media is all over the fact that this is the first time since 1918 that Boston can celebrate at home.  Actually, that circumstance was enjoyed by only 38,447 members of Red Sox nation, one more than in game 2 and two more than in game 1.  Presumably this would be the usual tight knit group of white people...

And lest we forget the Ryan Dempster and Alex Rodriguez incident:

Monday, August 19, 2013  Coward Ryan Dempster should be suspended 211 games for deliberately hitting Alex Rodriguez.

To their disgrace nearly all the Red Sox fans in Fenway Park cheered this vigilante act.  A pitcher deliberately hitting a batter is much worse than a batter using steroids.  And these Boston hypocrites ignore the fact that the best player on the two Boston championship teams this millennium was Manny Ramirez, the only Hall of Fame caliber player to serve suspensions for using banned performance enhancing drugs (PED).  Not to mention David Ortiz who is still a member of the Red Sox.  All of Boston should be ashamed.  Last night a representative sample of its population became the ugly mob.  I've long thought that the two baseball teams combined, including coaches, had more black people than were in the stands for a typical baseball game at Fenway Park.  Check for yourself the next time you watch a game there on TV.  When the Red Sox took the field last night the closest player to a person of color was Shane Victorino.  That must have been comforting to the most parochial narrow minded fans among the 28 cities that have MBL teams.


With the Yankees determined to get their team payroll under the $189 million cap in 2014, Boston may well have the highest AC payroll next season.  Red Sox nation, the destroyer of worlds in three of the last ten seasons, will truly be the Evil Empire.


In 2014 the Red Sox honored players from their 2004 championship team, featuring Manny Ramirez.  Red Sox fans cheered him wildly.  Irony abounds.

Maybe Red Sox fans are grumpy about stuff like:
- Ted Williams son having his father's corpse frozen
- Wade Boggs getting hit number 3,000 for Tampa
- Roger Clemens getting win number 300 for the Yankees
- guilt over being the evil empire.

One of my long time statements: I never met a Met fan who knew what he was talking about or a Boston fan of any sport.

So what are the origins of the Red Sox fans hating Rodriguez?

Alex Rodriguez 2008-04-19.jpg
Following the 2003 season, Texas set out to move Rodriguez and his expensive contract. The Rangers initially agreed to a trade with the Boston Red Sox, but the Major League Baseball Players Association vetoed the deal because it called for a voluntary reduction in salary by Rodriguez.

Rodriguez agreed to reduce his salary to become a Red Sox player and then the Red Sox fans hated him when that was blocked and Rodriguez was subsequently traded to the rival Yankees.  Red Sox fans are dumb.

Compound that with the apparently still raging hysteria about performance enhancing drugs (PED) and the result is what happened last night.  Some perspective is in order.  Recent disgraceful events in Baltimore prompted the Orioles to play a game a few days ago but bar fans from attending.  The Times ran an article on this type of sports thing and most examples involved soccer, a truly mindless team sport.

Oh, and to drive home that point about the at bat discrepancy: who had the advantage?

1 Babe Ruth 8399 714 1914 1935 19-40 2504 10622 2174 2873 506 136 2214 2062 1330 43 113 2 123 117 .342 .474 .690 1.164 971/H83 BOS-NYY-BSN
2 Barry Bonds 9847 762 1986 2007 21-42 2986 12606 2227 2935 601 77 1996 2558 688 1539 106 4 91 165 514 141 .298 .444 .607 1.051 *78H/D9 PIT-SFG
3 Alex Rodriguez 9888 660 1994 2015 18-39 2589 11429 1933 2956 523 30 1983 1255 93 2098 169 16 101 241 322 76 .299 .384 .558 .942 65D/H3 SEA-TEX-NYY
4 Willie Mays 10881 660 1951 1973 20-42 2992 12496 2062 3283 523 140 1903 1464 192 1526 44 13 91 251 338 103 .302 .384 .557 .941 *8H/39675 NYG-SFG-NYM
5 Hank Aaron 12364 755 1954 1976 20-42 3298 13941 2174 3771 624 98 2297 1402 293 1383 32 21 121 328 240 73 .305 .374 .555 .928 *9783DH/45 MLN-ATL-MIL
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 5/2/2015.

Would Red Sox fans have booed hit number 3,000 by Rodriguez?  A-Rod has 2,956 Hits so we might know soon how that milestone is treated.  I'm guessing more favorably, home or road, even in Boston.  We Americans are whacky when it comes to home runs.

I hate defending the likes of Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez.  Both can be engaging but both are liars and Bonds is mean spirited, which Rodriguez is not.  When Bonds broke the season home run record I thought: I don't like this guy but I've got to hand it to him.  What he did was amazing.

That should have been the reaction of Red Sox fans last night when Rodriguez hit a home run that should have quieted the crowd.  Just sit there in silence but don't boo.  Take it like a reasonable baseball fan.  Then, maybe, give the guy his due and applaud.  Soft, admiring applause would have been in order.  A-Rod overcame your rough treatment in this game situation and hit a milestone home run too.  Deal with it with some sense of sportsmanship and self respect.

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