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Friday, July 17, 2015

Home/Road splits: Bobby Doerr, Dustin Pedroia, Jim Rice, Carl Yastrzemski, Ted Williams.

Bobby Doerr, Dustin Pedroia, Jim Rice, Carl Yastrzemski, Ted Williams played their entire careers for the Boston Red Sox, which means that they played all their home games in Fenway Park.

Bobby Doerr 1950 Bowman card via Wikimedia Commons
Yastrzemski and Williams batted lefty.  Doerr started in 1937, Williams in 1939, after which the Red Sox constructed a bullpen wall in right center, which significantly reduced the distance for a home run.  All but Pedroia, who is still active, were elected to the Hall of Fame.  All but Williams are still living.

Percent differences were done using road as base: (home-road)/road.  Click this link to view detailed data.  Here are some of the numbers, which speak for themselves.  All benefited a lot from their home park, especially Doerr.

Bobby Doerr4.7%4.1%3.3%0.4%37.8%21.5%82.2%7.0%85.9%47.2%3.7%-45.2%35.2%-12.6%
Dustin Pedroia2.3%2.0%-0.2%0.2%15.7%10.5%65.1%-14.3%17.0%25.3%-9.1%-27.3%-3.1%4.3%
Jim Rice0.7%1.3%-1.0%-1.8%19.9%13.6%24.7%25.7%19.5%23.6%23.1%0.0%8.1%-5.6%
Carl Yastrzemski2.7%2.5%0.0%-1.5%20.9%14.1%44.7%81.0%10.2%36.1%-6.9%-25.8%8.2%-14.7%
Ted Williams3.4%3.8%2.5%1.8%18.1%12.2%54.9%-2.8%-9.2%10.3%157.1%-38.5%4.5%-16.5%

Bobby Doerr20.7%21.1%37.0%29.6%37.5%18.8%
Dustin Pedroia10.2%6.8%17.9%12.7%18.2%3.5%
Jim Rice15.5%13.3%19.0%16.6%16.6%-1.9%
Carl Yastrzemski15.9%12.6%19.2%16.0%17.4%-6.5%
Ted Williams10.1%6.2%6.0%6.1%8.0%-5.8%

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