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Friday, August 7, 2015

Toronto Blue Jays may be better than you think.

The Blue Jays start a three game series tonight in Yankee Stadium.  The Blue Jays and Yankees have played only 6 of 19 games so far.  Blue Jays lead 4-2, outscoring the Yankees 26-16.  Yanks are in first, Blue Jays second in the Eastern division of the American Conference.  Blue Jays currently would have the second wild card spot if the season ended now.

4TBR5455.4958.013.5L 13.73.8-
5BOS4861.44014.037.5L 14.14.8-0.70.4-0.347-62120-307-1013-178-427-2821-334-315-1437-4311-1826-4522-164-66-1412-18
In straight difference of runs scored and allowed per game, Blue Jays lead Yanks 1.1 to 0.7.

pythWL  luck:
Yankees 60-47  1
Blue Jays 66-44  -8

SRS (Simple Rating System: Rdiff + SOS (Strength of Schedule)):
Yankees 0.8
Blue Jays 1.1

This suggests that the Blue Jays are better than their record.

Most of this was established before the two big player acquisitions:

Troy Tulowitzki  shortstop
David Price  starting pitcher

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