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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Luis Severino: are the Yankees jeopardizing his career to hide their incompetence?

According to Yankee announcer Micheal Kay, Yankee rookie starting pitcher Luis Severino does not have an innings limit and can pitch throughout the tournament without being shut down.
Photo of Luis Severino
Including today's six innings Severino along with his 99 innings in both AA and AAA minor leagues, Severino has now pitched 156 innings in 2015.  In 2014 at age 20 Severino threw 113 innings.  That's an increase of 38% this season at age 21.

Supposedly Severino this season has been limited in the number of innings per start.

I understand that there's nothing definitive and that the number and distribution per inning of pitches factor in but why are the Yankees taking this chance?  To put it in Matt Harvey terms, would Severino already be shut down if the Yankees were not so desperate to have Severino save this season of Yankee mediocrity?

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