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Sunday, September 20, 2015

ESPN needs an innings limit on talking about Matt Harvey's innings limit.

Geez, give it a rest!  Tonight's game announcers are insufferable, especially that moron John Kruk, one of the majority of jerks who want Matt Harvey to rub his arm in the dirt and pitch past the limit suggested by Harvey's orthopedic doctor.

The interview ESPN showed with Met captain David Wright should have dispelled the nonsense that Wright had read Harvey the riot act but nothing penetrates the old blood and guts mentality of baseball brains.  A couple of days ago reporter Buster Olney was assuring us that Wright had really been giving it to Harvey in a dugout conversation between the two that many of us saw.  Judging by their demeanor it never occurred to me that Wright was upset with Harvey.

Kruk never even bothered to get into shape when he played and yet Kruk wants Harvey, who is still being paid pretty much the minimum, to risk his career to satisfy the likes of the guys like Kruk and their "old school"/no school mentality.

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