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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dan Okrent: ignore integrity, sportsmanship, character for Hall of Fame. Argh! Just kill the Hall of Fame.

Dan Okrent, one of the grand old farts, cooly agreed with Brian Kenny today on Kenny's MLB Now TV program that players, including Pete Rose, should be judged only on their playing ability.

Who said that Brian Kenny, Jay Jaffe, etc. have the option of ignoring character as a Hall of Fame criteria?  Wednesday, July 22, 2015

They never put the criteria up on the TV screen.  Never.  Maybe if they did, they would at least have to pause and not simply blow past the character component.  Again today on MLB Network Brian Kenny, and especially his guest Jay Jaffe, stated that they are only using stats to determine who should be elected to the Hall of Fame.

Who the heck said that is discretionary?

The annual and all too predictable Hall of Fame junk is in full swing.  This week's Pete Rose melodrama greased the skids.  The winter meetings are safely finished before winter has even begun and most of the big free agents have already signed.  So what else is there to dwell on?  Of course, the Hall of Fame!

Kill the Hall of Fame.  Friday, December 26, 2014

There are some who want to kill the win, i.e., ignore wins and losses in evaluating pitchers.  However, those same continue to engage in the predictable weeping and gnashing of teeth about the baseball Hall of Fame located in Cooperstown, NY ...

The Cooperstown brick and mortar version outlived its usefulness long ago.  Now it's just fuel for constant second rate bickering and hypocrisy.   The hypocrisy reached its zenith a few years ago when the writers did not elect any players but still continued their tradition of annually designating one of themselves as a Hall of Fame recipient of their very own writers award.  And now they complain about a backlog, which they created ...

Kill Cooperstown!

Maybe a new form can be created in the near future.  Maybe not.  But let's just consign the current baseball Hall of Fame to the dustbin of history and let it die with what little dignity it deserves.

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