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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jim Edmonds eliminated from Hall of Fame after one vote. Too many voters concerned about too many undeserving candidates.

I didn't watch the Hall of Fame announcement and had no intention of commenting but Jim Edmonds being eliminated after one vote deserves mention.  Edmonds did not receive the required five percent to remain a candidate for a second year of eligibility.


Check for yourself.  Edmonds received 11 votes, 2.5%.

Eleven votes.  Eleven.

Top 25 center fielders OPS+. Jim Edmonds is number 12. Friday, November 13, 2015

Jim Edmonds is now being mentioned for the Hall of Fame...

Edmonds deserves serious consideration...

Edmonds was a great center fielder who hit 393 homers, fifth most, and at least 30 in a season five times: 42,42,39,33,30.  42 homers places Edmonds at number 23 among players in center for 60% of their games.


What a joke.

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