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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mike Trout: would Yankee prospects be enough in a trade?

Do the New York Yankees have the players, imagination and nerve to acquire Mike Trout from the Angels in a trade? Probably not.
Photo of Mike Trout
Cashman traded Solarte for Headley, ignoring Donaldson. Friday, May 6, 2016

The Yankees are currently buried in last place 9-17...

Donaldson was traded BEFORE Cashman signed Headley. Cashman could have acquired Donaldson instead. How much more clearly can it be stated? Trading Solarte for Headley was bad enough and signing Headley when he became a free agent was worse still but the worst thing was Cashman entirely missing the boat on Donaldson. Cashman wanted someone to play third and obviously took Headley over Donaldson. It's really obvious. How come Cashman isn't held accountable? ...

Rank (among MBL third basemen) as batters in 2015:
1. Donaldson
13. Solarte
18. Headley

How is this not gross incompetence by Cashman? And how is it not gross incompetence by the Steinbrenner Kids for not holding Cashman accountable? The main stream media is just plain incompetent.

It's doubtful that Hal, the current leader of the Steinbrenner Kids, would have any of the screwy attributes that enabled his late father George to pull the trigger on acquiring many big name players from Reggie Jackson to Alex Rodriguez.
Photo of Reggie JacksonPhoto of Álex Rodríguez

... the obvious question: is it time to think about trading Mike Trout? ...

... bad decisions that have long-term consequences — the Albert Pujols contract still has another $140 million left after this season ...

Their farm system isn’t just the worst in baseball; it’s the worst that anyone can remember in some time...

... an incredible return in young talent — imagine the package the Dodgers could put together ...

This isn’t a foolproof plan, of course.... Trading Trout isn’t so obviously the right move that the team should just take any offer on the table...

it’s time for the Angels to at least start thinking about what a Mike Trout trade would look like. And if the Dodgers or Red Sox want to overwhelm them with a crazy package of young talent, then they should at least have that discussion.

This highlights just how pathetic the Yankees are. The Yankees are not even mentioned. Is it even remotely possible for the Yankees to make a legitimate offer for Mike Trout? The Steinbrenner Kids don't believe in rebuilding the Yankees. Just bounce along, singing a song.

The Yankee 40 man roster includes:
21 pitchers
3 catchers
7 infielders
8 outfielders
1 DH (Alex Rodriguez)

Of those 40, only two might be of interest to the Angels in any potential trade of Mike Trout to the Yankees: starting pitcher Luis Severino, born 2/20/1994, and first baseman Greg Bird.

It would start with Severino, who pitched well when called up late in 2015 but has not pitched well so far in 2016. Still, Severino would be essential.

Greg Bird, also performed well late in 2015, but is out indefinitely with a shoulder injury. Bird plays first base, currently occupied on the Angels by Albert Pujols and his burdensome long term contract. Pujols could become a full time DH.

Who else? That other, currently injured, young pitcher James Kaprielian: UCLA, 29 pro innings.

Would those three do it? Of course, throw in Aaron Judge, the 24 year old outfielder who Yankee management and fans think is the big bopper of the future: 2016 AAA OPS .837 with five home runs in 105 AB.
Photo of Luis SeverinoPhoto of Greg BirdPhoto of James KaprielianPhoto of Aaron Judge
That's four young prospects. Would that tempt the Angels? Could other teams offer more? Would the Yankees offer anything? Of the current Yankee starting lineup, including DH, only 2 of 9 are younger than 32. The Yankees have boxed themselves into a downward spiral from which they cannot escape. Old, increasingly unproductive players with no immediate help on the minor league teams.

Might as well trade for Trout ... if the Angels are willing. Plus, ...

Mike Trout: Mickey Mantle 1952? Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bowman Gum via
Wikimedia Commons

Mickey Mantle ... turned 21 October 20, 1952.

Mantle led AL with 111 SO and .924 OPS, something that was probably not known at the time.  Mantle was third in AL MVP voting behind pitchers Bobby Shantz (24-7) and teammate Allie Reynolds.  Mickey Mantle was the best player in the American League in 1952.

Mike Trout turned 21 yesterday...

Mike Trout may be the best player in the American Conference in 2012, 60 years after The Mick.

Trout and Mantle share a general physical resemblance: white, blond.  They exude Superman attributes: faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive.  Dynamic athletes who seem capable of anything on a baseball field.


Jim S. said...

That's what you're going with? Yankees GM Cashman, with his decades of experience and getting paid millions to do the job, just lacks the vision to agree with your brilliant suggestion...which is to acquire the best player in the game.

Do you realize that a five year old kid from an Amazonian village, who never heard of the sport of baseball, would just as easily come up with your idea?

Kenneth Matinale said...

Then why hasn't Cashman done it? Maybe your five year old kid mentality can ponder that.

Flockengruven said...

The idea that the Yankees are going to somehow scrape enough talent out of their mediocre farm system to satisfy the Angels for Trout is not viable. The Angels wouldn't spend 10 seconds mulling that offer. The Angles want young players but want some to be major league ready and about 20 other teams in the league could make a better offer than that. The Yankees can't even make the top offer in New York city. The Mets could offer deGromm, Wheeler, Brandon Nimmo and Dominic Smith....a much better offer that the Angels wouldn't consider either. The only reason Angel fans have for going to the ballpark is to see Trout so I expect them to build around him, not trade him away.