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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Yankee fans, demand Mike Trout.

The Angels can reasonably trade Mike Trout for young prospects because Trout is the best baseball player on the planet. The Yankees are so bad that they don't even have veterans to trade other than one of their 65 inning relief pitchers. How much value can they get? The other vets are too old and/or costly.

With Luis Severino a mess, the Yankees now have even less young talent to trade. But whatever it takes, the Yankees must get Mike Trout. You might say that Trout isn't doing his current team much good and you're correct. However, the Yankees can buy starting pitchers and other big boppers to surround Trout with a supporting cast. Continuing their small market policy is not only doomed to failure but to boredom.

One hundred million dollars. That's the best way for the Yankees to get Trout. Just buy his contract for cash. Maybe throw in a little baseball talent to placate the commissioner but nothing significant. Basically, just send cash to the Angels. Give fans of the other teams a reason to hate the Yankees. Right now the Yankees are not good enough to hate and that's bad for the Yankees and for the league. It's part of the brand identity that the Steinbrenner Kids have rejected.

Yankee fans need to put pressure on the Kids and give them the focus they lack. It's like training a puppy.

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