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Friday, June 24, 2016

Big Boppers so far in 2016 ... and some notable absentees.

David Ortiz is the biggest bopper so far in 2016. Offensive WAR should probably not be included but it's is, which puts the diminutive Jose Altuve among the big boys. Below the top ten lists for oWAR, SLG, TB, HR is a matrix with points for prominent batters: rank 1 gets 10 points, 2 gets 9 points, etc.

Offensive WAR  s c a p y
1.Altuve (HOU)3.9
2.Trout (LAA)3.8
3.Bogaerts (BOS)3.8
4.Donaldson (TOR)3.4
5.Ortiz (BOS)3.3
6.Machado (BAL)3.2
7.Carpenter (STL)3.2
8.Cano (SEA)3.1
9.Ozuna (MIA)3.0
10.Bradley (BOS)2.9

Slugging %  s c a p y
1.Ortiz (BOS).697
2.Machado (BAL).605
3.Duvall (CIN).600
4.Arenado (COL).588
5.Saunders (TOR).586
6.Bruce (CIN).585
7.Cespedes (NYM).584
8.Ozuna (MIA).578
9.Murphy (WSN).575
10.Beltran (NYY).573

Total Bases  s c a p y
1.Ortiz (BOS)168
2.Cano (SEA)166
3.Machado (BAL)164
4.Betts (BOS)162
5.Arenado (COL)161
6.Trumbo (BAL)158
7.Ozuna (MIA)156
Altuve (HOU)156
9.Bogaerts (BOS)154
Murphy (WSN)154

Home Runs  s c a p y
1.Duvall (CIN)21
Frazier (CHW)21
Trumbo (BAL)21
Arenado (COL)21
5.Beltran (NYY)19
Encarnacion (TOR)19
Cano (SEA)19
8.Ortiz (BOS)18
Cruz (SEA)18
Cespedes (NYM)18
Longoria (TBR)18
Story (COL)18
Carter (MIL)18


Notable by their absence:
Chris Davis: 10th in Runs & BB but 3rd in SO; OPS+ 118, 16 HR; signed big free agent contract before 2016 season.
Jason Heyward: OPS+ 79, 4 HR; signed biggest free agent contract before 2016 season; never a big bopper.
Miguel Cabrera: OPS+ 150, 16 HR; just not among 2016 big boppers. 2012 & 2013 AL MVP.
Mike Trout: OPS+ 156 (8), 0WAR 3.8 (2) behind Altuve, 14 HR. 2014 AL MVP.
Bryce Harper: OPS+ 135, 15 HR, 57 BB (2). 2015 NL MVP.
Andew McCutchen: OPS+ 93, 10 HR. 2013 NL MVP. Could be great value in mid season trade.

And for some additional perspective, top ten in Isolated Power:

ISO ranks of some others: Ozuna 20, Cano 21, Chris Davis 25, Cabrera 27, Harper 30, Murphy 37, Trout 38, McCutchen 97 with .162; Heyward has .098 but not enough PA to be ranked.

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