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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Nobody cares about the bottom of the order. Nobody. NOBODY. It's where the nobodies bat.

There are few number six batters who are good and/or interesting. Below six it's just filler until the game resumes. So implement one or both of these two great ideas I've promoted for years.

Six batters.

Start each inning with the top of the order.

They're damn brilliant compared the total lack of imagination that passes for insight elsewhere. There are obvious benefits for either but there is no justification for continuing with forcing all nine people in the field to also bat. Pitchers have been all but banned in the American League/Conference for forty-three years. Complete the idea that was clumsily forged as the designated hitter (DH and originally known as the designated pinch hitter) and should have been a designated fielder with only eight batters.

For those betting (fantasy) websites, how often do TV "experts" recommend batters at the bottom of the order? So even for gamblers, NOBODY cares about the  bottom of the order. Nobody. NOBODY.

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