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Friday, July 1, 2016

Career Home Run record by team progressive.

Hank Aaron hit the most career home runs for one team: 733 for the Braves, both in Milwaukee and Atlanta, but none in Boston where the Braves started. Who's Braves record did Aaron break? Teammate Eddie Mathews.

Babe Ruth set the single season home run record with 29 in 1919, his final season with the Red Sox. Ruth held the Red Sox career home run record:

In 1920 Ruth broke the season home run record with 54 playing his Yankee home games in the Polo Grounds. In 1920 Ruth also broke the Yankee career HR record held by Wally Pipp. Through 1920 Ruth held the career HR record for both the Red Sox and Yankees. Yankees through 1920:

In 1917 Pipp had broken the Yankee record held by Hal Chase:

Ruth has held a team career HR record longer than anyone: since 1920. Ruth hit 659 Yankee HR. Since that team record is unlikely to be broken, Ruth's longevity record will also remain.

So, who broke Ruth's Red Sox record?

You cannot make up stuff like this. 1930 was the last Red Sox season for Todt.

Ruth has the best HR ratio as a career team record holder: 10.9 HR per AB (AB/HR). The worst ratio: George Brett of the Royals: 32.6.

The lowest team HR record is by Nate Colbert of the Padres: 163. But Colbert has the distinction of being the only leader to go wire to wire. Colbert led the Padres in HR in their very first season. And in their second. And third, fourth and fifth. So Colbert was the Padres career HR leader from their first season. Colbert could be passed by an active player if that player returned to the Padres. Adrian Gonzalez hit 161 HR for the Padres from 2006-2010; he currently plays for the Dodgers.

Wally Berger preceded Eddie Mathews as the Braves HR King. In his 1930 rookie season Berger hit 38 HR, topping the 35 career HR hit by Ray Powell from 1917-1924, which was the most by a Brave since 1901. However, a Brave named Herman Long had hit 88 Braves HR 1890-1902 and so preceded Berger as the Braves career record holder.

Comments below on teams in descending order of career HR leader. Click this link to view the detailed data.

Willie Mays has now had the Giants record for 50 years, passing Mel Ott's 511 in 1966. Mays has the third most with one team: 646. In 1932 both Ott and Bill Terry passed High Pockets Kelly, who had 123 HR 1915-1923. So, using the criteria of leading at the end of a season, Terry did not.

Plus, Ott hit career HR 124 on 1932-06-07. Terry didn't reach 124 until 1932-08-13 (1) the first of three Terry hit in the first game of a doubleheader off Sloppy Thurston. In that same game Ott hit two homers off Thurston giving Ott 139 career, 24 season. Despite allowing SIX home runs (Freddie Lindstrom also homered for the Giants), Thurston was the winning pitcher going all the way in the Polo Grounds for an 18-9 Dodger win.

Twins/Senators: Harmon Killebrew 559, preceded by Roy Sievers and Goose Goslin.

In 1980 Mike Schmidt passed both Del Ennis and Chuck Klein on his way to building an insurmountable lead for the Phillies record. Ennis passed Klein in the final Phillies season of Ennis: 1956. Schmidt finished with 548.

Sammy Sosa (545) passed Ernie Banks (512) in Sosa's final season with the Cubs: 2004.

In 1948 Ted Williams finished the season with 222 career HR, which tied him with Jimmie Foxx for the Red Sox record. 1942 was the final Red Sox season for Foxx, so Williams broke the tie in 1949 and he holds a dominant lead today with 521 HR; David Ortiz has 463 Red Sox HR and has announced his retirement. Foxx took the record from Phil Todt who had taken it from Babe Ruth in 1930 with only 52 HR. Foxx is also the previous record holder for the Athletics.

Stan Musial broke the Cardinals record in 1951, passing Rogers Hornsby, who in 1921 had passed Tip O'Neill, who had established the team record with 47 HR from 1884-1891. Oscar Walker hit 7 HR in 1882, his only season with the team and the first year of the team's existence. Bill Gleason and Charlie Comiskey tied Walker with 7 team career HR in 1885. Comiskey reached 10 HR in 1886 with O'Neill at 9 HR. In 1887 O'Neill increased to 23 and apparently kept the team record through 1920. Musial finished with 475.

The Pirates list going back to 1908 consists of four Hall of Famers: Willie Stargell (475), Ralph Kiner, Paul Waner, Honus Wagner.

Astros: Jeff Bagwell 449, preceded by Jim Wynn.

White Sox: Harold Baines had three stints. During the first (1980-1989), Baines passed Bill Melton and had the record with 186 HR. But in 1990 Carlton Fisk passed Baines. In 1996 Frank Thomas passed Fisk and leads today with 448. Baines finished with 221 White Sox HR.

Orioles: like Baines with the White Sox, Eddie Murray set the record at 333 HR 1977-1988 but returned in 1996 for one final season during which Cal Ripken passed Murray. Ripken leads today with 431. Murray had 343 Orioles HR. Murray had passed Boog Powell in 1987 and Powell in 1969 had passed the fourth most recent record holder, St. Louis Brown Ken Williams 1922-1968 who passed George Sisler. The Browns moved to Baltimore in 1954 and changed their name to Orioles.

Ken Griffey, Jr. has the Mariners record with 417, preceded by Alvin Davis and Dave Henderson.

Tigers: Al Kaline is the first team record holder on this descending list with fewer than 400 HR: 399. Kaline never hit more than 29 in a season, the fewest of any current team record holder. He was preceded by Hank Greenberg, Harry Heilmann and .... Ty Cobb, who finished with 118 HR. Cobb had the triple crown in 1909, leading the AL in BA, RBI, HR; that was the only season in which Cobb led in HR and all 9 were inside the park.

The Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles after the 1957 season. Here are the current career leaders:

Snider passed Hodges in 1956, so no LA Dodger has ever had the record. Snider broke a tie with Hodges at 42 HR for the season record with 43 HR in 1956. Gary Sheffield was the first LA Dodger to reach 43 ... in 2000. In 2001 Shawn Green hit 49, the current Dodger season record. Adrian Beltre hit 48 in 2004. Hodges tied Dolf Camilli at 139 for the career record in 1952. Camilli had passed Zack Wheat in 1944.

Reds: Johnny Bench (389) passed Frank Robinson (324) in 1979. Robinson had passed Ted Kluszewski in 1963, who had passed Ernie Lombardi in 1954.

Rangers: Juan Gonzalez 372.
Rockies: Todd Helton 369.

Athletics (Philadelphia, Kansas City, Oakland): Mark McGwire 363, Jimmie Foxx 302, Al Simmons 208, Tillie Walker 100. Foxx is also the previous record holder for the Red Sox.

Indians: Jim Thome 337, Albert Belle 242, Earl Averill 226, Tris Speaker 73.

Click this link to view the detailed data. Here are the leaders for the remaining teams. Only the Mets were researched for previous leaders: Dave Kingman, Ed Kranepool, Cleon Jones. Hey, the expansion teams are just not that interesting.

Blue JaysCarlosDelgado33619932004

Season Home Run record by team progressive. Saturday, December 14, 2013

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