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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Billy McKinney featured on Yankees Hot Stove TV program. Why?

Aroldis Chapman:
Yankees interested in Jose Quintana, twice released by Brian Cashman. Tuesday, December 20, 2016 4:10PM

Adding to the Brian Cashman list of you can't make up stuff like this.

The Yankees have a TV program on the Yankees Entertainment and Sports (YES) Network. On it people like former New York Times sports writer and current Yankee TV analyst Jack Curry tell Yankee fans what a great job is being done by Yankee general manager Brian Cashman...

The Cubs traded four players, including Gleyber Torres, for relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman. Any four for one trade suggests that none of the four are anywhere as good as the one, especially if the one pitches fewer than 70 innings in a full season and Chapman was acquired just to pitch in the tournament. Chapman became a free agent after the season, the Cubs made no attempt to sign Chapman ...

On that same Yankees Hot Stove TV program Jack Curry extolled the virtues of outfielder Billy McKinney. They put on the screen McKinney's minor league numbers, which came to an unimpressive .764 OPS.

The problem is that it includes OPS:
A+ .804
AA .714

Even worse, and Curry did mention this, McKinney's AA numbers went down in his second AA season, 2016:
2015 .766
2016 .680

McKinney has been a pro since 2013, four seasons. McKinney has never played at AAA. Until a player performs at AAA that player is unproven at best. If, in addition, the player has mediocre numbers, what the heck are the Yankees doing suggesting that he could possibly become an impact player on the Yankees?

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