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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Does Hal Steinbrenner know that Aaron Judge struck out in half his Yankee at bats?

A couple of days ago on the Yankees "Hot Stove" TV program former New York Times write Jack Curry, who now works for the Yankees, mentioned again that Yankee boss Hal Steinbrenner has stated that he expects Aaron Judge to be the starting right fielder in 2017. Curry supported that by assuring viewers that Judge has struggled initially when promoted to higher level leagues but then adapted and succeeded. Curry mentioned AAA specifically.

201422-0.12 Teams2 LgsA-A+NYY1315634678014424417781089131.308.419.486.905227103042
201523-2.62 Teams2 LgsAA-AAANYY1245404786312226320727253144.255.330.448.777214153061
Minors (3 seasons)Minors3481513129720536168856215132189373.278.373.473.84561332140133
All Levels (3 Seasons)3991714147123040175864240133211437.273.367.465.83268438170153
AAA (2 seasons)Minors15467058089146281279311276172.252.343.443.786257138060
AAA 2015: .680
AAA 2016: .854
Yanks 2016: .608 (42 SO in 84 AB)

The SO rate with the Yankees is disturbing, or should be for Hal Steinbrenner, but does not appear to be. Judge homered in his first two Yankee games and that initial high assessment carried him for far too long. After those two games Judge seemed to become completely lost as this demonstrates:

Is Aaron Judge legally blind against lefty pitchers? Saturday, December 17, 2016

Against lefty pitchers: one hit, a single, in 15 AB. Even worse: 10 SO in 15 AB. TEN!

What the heck is that? Judge has only a .679 OPS against righty pitchers but .289 against lefties. That makes Aaron Judge bad against righties and so bad against left handed pitchers that he might be declared legally blind.

Sycophants will offer the lame pun that it's a rush to judgement. But they have no inhibition supporting Judge despite data that suggests that he is not able to perform at the major league level.

Judge has 1,513 minor league plate appearances. He will be 25 years old April 26, 2017 and will still be considered a rookie in 2017. Judge must make the starting lineup in spring training and then perform at a reasonable level as a starter. Judge really doesn't deserve a lot of patience after all this time. Judge signed with the Yankees July 12, 2013. By mid-season Judge will have four years of professional experience. Judge is not the kid that his apologists insist on calling him. It's make or break time.

Hal Steinbrenner, have you got that?

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