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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Why doesn't an owner tell his players to stop jerking around?

One, just one of thirty. Aren't all thirty as bored as the rest of us? They must be. So why doesn't an owner of a major league team order his players to stop jerking around?

The other night two top starting pitchers engaged in a classic pitcher's dual: Masahiro Tanaka and Chris Sale. And yet as quickly as they tried to work, the game still took 2:21. That's ridiculous. Both could have done more to move things along.

With two strikes in him Yankee slugger Aaron Judge relaxed but stayed in the batter's box, looking down. Judge did not ask for time and the plate umpire did not indicate time out. The catcher also relaxed and looked away. None were paying attention. I couldn't understand why Sale didn't simply fire the ball down the middle without waiting for a sign. There were no base runners. Maybe if he had been ordered to speed up even more, Sale would have had the basic common sense to do it.

Then batters would take on the attitude of boxers: defend yourself at all times.

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