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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Of Mice and Managers. And actors and bench coaches. The Times They Are A-Changin'.

Today is the big day. Today Aaron Boone will be introduced at a press conference as the new manager of the New York Yankees.

Aaron Boone:
Born: March 91973 (Age: 44-269d) in La Mesa, CA
Relatives: Brother of Bret Boone; Grandson of Ray Boone; Son of Bob Boone

Maybe Aaron should then introduce his father Bob as his bench coach. Why not? Bob is qualified. Bob Boone is 70 years old and was a major league catcher for 19 years, 1972-1990. Bob also managed, starting at age 47, three years older than his son Aaron is now:


1199547Kansas City RoyalsAL7074.4860144200
2199648Kansas City RoyalsAL7586.4660161500
3199749Kansas City RoyalsAL1st of 23646.439082500
4200153Cincinnati RedsNL6696.4070162500
5200254Cincinnati RedsNL7884.4810162300
6200355Cincinnati RedsNL1st of 34658.4420104500
Kansas City Royals3 years181206.46803874.000
Cincinnati Reds3 years190238.44404284.300
6 years371444.45508154.200

Yesterday the Phillies hired Rob Thomson as their bench coach. He is unusual in that he never played in the majors. They had already hired 42 year old Gabe Kapler as their manager.

In case ​
Rob Thomson
​ was named Yankee manager, I had checked on him a few weeks ago. He is NOT:

Robby Thompson

Born: May 101962 (Age: 55-181d) in West Palm Beach, FL 

Coaching career

Thompson served as the Giants first base coach in 2000 and 2001.[2] He was hired by the Cleveland Indians as a first base coach in December 2001.[42] In 2003 he was promoted to special assistant to the Cleveland Indians General Manager before returning to the field in June 2005 as the Indians' bench coach.[43] In November 2010, Thompson was hired by the Seattle Mariners as their bench coach.[3] On July 22, 2013, Thompson began serving as interim manager while Eric Wedge recovered from a minor stroke. Thompson returned to his role as bench coach on August 23, 2013.[44] On November 1, 2013, Thompson was fired by the organization.[45]
Rob Thomson

This article is about the Minor League Baseball player and Major League Baseball coach. For the Major League Baseball player and coach, see Robby Thompson.

Robert Lewis Thomson (born August 16, 1963) is a Canadian bench coach for the New York Yankees. He previously served as bench coach during the 2008 season, third base coach from 2009 - 2014, and returned to serving as bench coach in 2015. He has also served as Major League Field Coordinator for the organization.

​Who knew?​

The current model seems to be to hire a young happy face to be the manager but to stick with the old traditional type as the bench coach. Odd. And even more odd is that even the young happy face is almost always a former major league player. Many NFL head coaches have long been non NFL players and NBA head coaches are often non NBA players. But that is still rare in the major baseball league. Baseball still hasn't changed all that much.

Baseball teams could cut to the chase and simply hire actors to perform as the team managers. Aaron Boone has been acting for ESPN since he retired as a player. Some of what Boone has done is imitations. But he's known mostly since 2016 as one of two analysts during the ESPN Sunday night baseball games. The other analyst was 37 year old Jessica Mendoza. She played softball at Stanford University. The fact that she never played baseball in the major league may have been more of a disqualifier for the job of team manager than the fact that she is a woman. The Times They Are A-Changin'.

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