Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is Walking Hitting?

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I'm catching up on my reading: "The Book" circa 2007.  I noticed something interesting.

Weighted On Base Average (wOBA) has Non Intentional Bases on Balls (NIBB) , Hit By Pitch (HBP) and even Reached Base On Error (RBOE) but it does not have Intentional Bases on Balls (IBB).

I find this curious.  The batter receives no credit for an IBB.  Why not?  Doesn't the team get the same benefit as a NIBB?  The IBB is considered a non event, similar to what I described in the thing I wrote January 21, 2009 unaware of the mysteries of wOBA, much as I remain today.

We can dig up Babe Ruth's remains, place it in the batters box and eventually the Babe will get credit for yet another walk.

I was born the year the Babe died and still he reaches from the grave.

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