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Monday, May 2, 2011

Grand Slams: more.

See this post:

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 2011 Bases loaded home runs, aka, grand slams.

Players listed in the title link for this post include career leaders in bases loaded home runs and batters with at least 500 career home runs.  And Roger Maris.

At bats with bases loaded is still missing for Lou Gehrig and other old timers.  It exists for most seasons for Gil Hodges but I did not include his partial data.

Every player I looked at and for whom there were bases loaded at bats had better home run rates with the bases loaded than with the bases not loaded.

I also broke down Barry Bonds by season in a separate tab.

Robin Ventura hit home runs at a rate 2.35 times better when he batted with the bases loaded than when he batted when the bases were not loaded.  Here are the tops:

Robin Ventura 2.35
Carlos Lee 2.04
Eddie Murray 1.78

The batters second and third to Lou Gehrig's record 23 grand slams, Alex Rodriguez (22) 1.44 and Manny Ramirez (21), 1.27 times better.

Worst rate (HR/AB) difference between loaded and not loaded:

Barry Bonds .69
Jim Thome .56 (worst)

Dave Kingman has the best rate with the bases loaded: 8.8 (141 AB/ 16 HR).  Sexson, McCovey, McGwire, Rodriguez are next in that order, all better than one homer every 10 AB.

Mark McGwire has the best rate when the bases are not loaded: 9.85 (5,604 AB / 569 HR).  Barry Bonds, Jim Thome, Harmon Killebrew, Sammy Sosa, Rodriguez are next in that order, all better than one homer every 14 AB.

Remember, we do not have such data for Gehrig and the other old timers.

Highest percentage of AB with the bases loaded:

Manny Ramirez 2.89%
Richie Sexon 2.78%
Robin Ventura 2.66%
Jim Thome 2.56%
Alex Rodriguez 2.39%

Lowest percentage of AB with the bases loaded:

Eddie Mathews 1.37%
Willie Mays 1.45%
Mickey Mantle 1.52%
Frank Thomas 1.61%

Most AB with bases loaded:

Eddie Murray 238
Manny Ramirez 238
Hank Aaron 224
Alex Rodriguez 213
Rafael Palmeiro 210

Fewest AB with bases loaded:

Roger Maris 83
Eddie Mathews 117
Mickey Mantle 123
Mark McGwire 130
Richie Sexson 137
Dave Kingman 141

Highest percentage of home runs with bases loaded:

Ventura 6.12%
Sexson 4.90%
Gehrig 4.67%
Carlos Lee 4.49%
Ramirez 3.78%
Hodges 3.78%
Murray 3.77%
Kingman 3.62%
Rodriguez 3.56%

Lowest percentage of home runs with bases loaded:

Eddie Mathews 1.17%
Willie Mays 1.21%
Frank Robinson 1.37%
Mel Ott 1.37%
Barry Bonds 1.44%
Sammy Sosa 1.48%
Mickey Mantle 1.49%
Jim Thome 1.52%

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