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Friday, March 9, 2012

12 man pitching rotation

pitchers in 2011 SO/IPouts (could not find AB):

SO IPouts SO%
34,488 130,582 26.4

zero GS:
SO IPouts SO%
11,215 37,590 29.8

SO IPouts SO%
15,686 60,689 25.8

SO% for relief pitchers: 29.8%; for starters 25.8%.

More ammunition for my idea that at least lousy teams like Pittsburgh and Kansas City should try something radically different like a 12 man pitching rotation: three pitchers throw three innings each game.  Forget about trying to match the big spending teams on pitching and spend your limited resources on defense and hitting.  Relief pitchers are a dime a dozen.  Get 14 or so and rotate them as needed.

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