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Friday, July 20, 2012

A-Rod: where's the love? Part 2.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 A-Rod: where's the love?

Rodriguez is number 14 on the list for Runs scored.  Scoring another 50 runs will move  Rodriguez past Craig Biggio, Mel Ott, Tris Speaker and Lou Gehrig into tenth place.

So by the end of the 2012 season Alex Rodriguez should be #4 in home runs, #6 in RBI and #10 in Runs.

Derek Jeter's claim to offensive fame is that he gets on base, runs the bases well and scores.  Jeter is #17 in Runs (1,785) 53 behind Rodriguez and unlikely to ever catch him, especially considering that Jeter is 13 months older than Rodriguez:
Jeter born: June 26, 1974
Rodriguez born: July 27, 1975

During last night's Yankee 4-3 loss in Oakland Derek Jeter scored a run, which tied him with Eddie Collins at #16 with 1,821 runs scored.  The Yankee Entertainment Sports (YES) network put a list of players on the screen to show where Jeter was on the all time list but did not show all players ahead of Jeter.  Below Jeter YES highlighted the leader: Rickey Henderson at 2,295.  Above Collins and Jeter the partial list showed:
14. Craig Biggio 1,844
15. Frank Robinson 1,829

Had YES shown just two more players viewers would have seen this:
12. Alex Rodriguez 1,874
13. Mel Ott 1,859

Why not show Jeter's Yankee teammate Alex Rodriguez?  Was this done intentionally or was it simply a case of stupidity?  Did someone think it would diminish Jeter to show him moving up the list but still behind his much better teammate?  Or did the person simply not know?  Even the announcers for the game, Ken Singleton and David Cone did not mention Rodriguez.

The Yankees and YES and all broadcasters should always show a complete list even if it means scanning up and down.  The list should include some additional context such as plate appearances, at bats, years played, Hall of Fame, years played.

For all the fuss about Reggie Jackson criticizing Alex Rodriguez recently the Yankees themselves continue to demean the extraordinary accomplishments of Alex Rodriguez.

See Thursday, June 9, 2011 Derek Jeter v. Álex Rodríguez
OK, it's pretty obvious that Álex Rodríguez is a much better player than Derek Jeter.

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