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Monday, August 19, 2013

4,000 Hit Club: one more - Jigger Statz. Who?

Cliff Blau brought this to my attention.  Jigger Statz had over 4,000 baseball (not softball) hits as a professional.  That brings the 4,000 Hit Club membership to five.

Pete Rose4,2564274,683
Ty Cobb4,1891664,355
Hank Aaron3,7713244,095
Jigger Statz7373,3564,093
Stan Musial3,6303714,001
Ichiro Suzuki2,7191,2783,997

Click this link to view the minor league stats of Jigger Statz.  Statz played for only one minor league team: Los Angeles Angels of the Pacific Coast League for most seasons from 1920 to 1942.  Statz had a .315 minor league batting average in 10,657 at bats.  His major league BA with four teams was .285 in 2,585 at bats.  Statz actually played 21 games for the Giants in 1919 before he ever started playing for the Angels in 1920.  Statz died March 16, 1988 at the age of 90, two years after Rose had retired.  I wonder if Statz realized that he, Statz, had over 4,000 hits.

So when Ichiro Suzuki finally reaches 4,000, probably this week, he will be number six... as far as we know.


Anonymous said...

I was recently reading about him myself. There's an article from 1985 in the LA Times - http://articles.latimes.com/1985-09-11/sports/sp-7291_1_jigger-statz - that talks about how amazing Jigger was, but it fails to mention he had 4k hits. So maybe, just maybe, he wasn't aware of it when Rose reached the mark.

Dan B said...

I saw another post that said Julio Franco had 4,000 career hits when you include his MLB, MILB and international stats. I could only find his MLB and MILB stats, which put him at 3,422. Anyone know where we can find info on Japan and Mexico?

Cliff Blau said...

You can find Japan Leagues stats here: http://baseballguru.com/jalbright/stats.html