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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring training games are even more boring than regular season games. Here are suggestions to fix that.

The middle of horrendously boring spring training is as good a time as any to review:

Constitutional amendments for team sports.  Friday, June 8, 2012

12. No pre-season games.

13. The entire season including playoffs may not exceed 180 days.

Chief Wahoo appears on a Cleveland Indians advertising sign
in Winter Haven, Florida, March 30, 2007
At the team's new spring training grounds in Arizona,
the logo is not prominently displayed.
By Josh Hallett via Wikimedia Commons
Those two relate to spring training.

If the Major Baseball League (MBL) insists on playing games during its training period, these should apply:

1. Experiment.  I've already recommended an Experimental League.  Since that has not been created, at least loosen the rules in the practice games.  For instance, allow players to return after being removed.  Allow do-overs.  Example: let the same player bat twice in a row, if both managers agree or if a certain number do-overs have not been exceeded.  Try new rules.

2. Count the games in the regular season.  If there is no experimenting, start the regular season in warm weather locations.  Some teams have training ball parks that have the same basic dimensions and configuration as their home parks.  There are no longer sad old minor league quality parks.  If they're keeping score, the score should count.

Do you think the new commissioner will embrace any of this after Allen Huber "Bud" Selig passes the baton in 2015?

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