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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Eleven year old girl's guest commentary on today's Yankee game.

By: Sally Jean Weiss, age 11, guest writer 

September 21,2014
I went to today's Yankee game at 1:00 pm at Yankee Stadium. My father and I got there at around 12:00, and the scalpers were very entertaining. There was a special just-Jeter merchandise stand set up outside the stadium with a very long line. Once we entered the stadium, I ran over to a stadium worker and got my free giveaway, a white fluffy teddy bear with a Jeter-hyping logo sewn onto it. Its name was "Captain", adding to the hype. My father and I then went to the Team store and got me a Jeter-hype shirt and looked at the Jeter paintings that looked nothing like Jeter. We also saw a sweatshirt with Jeter's face on it. His face looked photo-shopped and Asian. We arrived at our seats, in Section 110, which is about two sections away from the Right-field home run pole (in foul territory). We saw a crowd of people crowded around some Yankee player, unclear who, and getting autographs near our section. I should have brought someone good for the mystery player to sign, but I decided to suck it up and just use my ticket. Once I went down to the crowd, I realized it was rather fully grown men or 5 year olds. I tried to push through, and then the guys turned around and realized "Oh wait, small children!" and pushed and carried us forward, toward the mystery player. I heard someone say '"Thanks Chase", so the mystery player then became Chase Headley. Headley grabbed my ticket and signed it, without even looking at me, which worked for both of us, I guess. Eventually, the game started. Several very entertaining fans about 5 rows back insulted Jose Bautista constantly throughout the game. Tanaka gave up a run from two singles, and when the double play was turned Jose Reyes scored from third. Then Dioner Navarro struck out. Brian McCann, whose jersey I was wearing, hit a solo home run with two outs, caused by Brett Gardner and Derek Jeter flying out, making the score 1-1. Chris Young ended the inning with an extra crappy pop fly to second. Brett Gardner hit the Yankee's 15,000th home run in the bottom of the fifth. Brett Gardner doubled in the bottom of the seventh with no outs, then stole third when Derek Jeter was batting. Then Jeter hit a line drive to left field, creating a double, and scoring Gardner from third. Brian McCann then hit a home run AGAIN, scoring two runs, making the score 5-1, Yankees. My father and I then noticed the Japanese couple sitting in front of us were drinking a suspicious looking Japanese soda. In the top of the eighth, another run scored for the Blue Jays, making the score 5-2, which turned out to be the final. After the bottom of the eighth, my father and I left to avoid the after game subway rush. Outside the stadium, there was a couple with a sign that said something like "We are desperate for one of the teddy bears. We will buy them for $30". Since I didn't want mine, I sold it to them for a negotiated $40. No regrets.