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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Grover Cleveland Alexander omitted in the MLB "VOTE FOR THE TOP FOUR PLAYERS IN FRANCHISE HISTORY".

Grover Cleveland Alexander may have been one of the five greatest pitchers in history, at least according to two of my knowledgeable friends who are outraged that Alexander, aka, Pete Alexander, was not a candidate among the top eight Phillies of all time.
Photo of Pete  Alexander
It was suggested that Alexander may have been considered too far back in time: 1911-1930 (Phillies 1911-1917, 1930, 2,513 innings).  Alexander also pitched 1,884 innings for the Cubs (1918-1926) and 792 for the Cardinals (1926-1929).

However, two franchise candidates pitched earlier than Alexander: Cy Young 1890-1911 (Red Sox 1901-1908) and Christy Mathewson 1900-1916 (Giants).  Roger Clemens was also omitted.  Do Alexander and Clemens have something in common?  And there were non-pitcher old time candidates including Ty Cobb (1905-1928) and Honus Wagner (1897-1917).


"Vote for the FOUR most impactful players who best represent the history of each franchise."..

As mentioned is the previous post Mariano Rivera is a Yankee candidate but Bill Dickey is not.


Philadelphia Phillies Top 10 Pitching Leaders

WAR for Pitchers (?)
RankPlayerWAR for PitchersIP
1.Robin Roberts69.73739.1
2.Steve Carlton64.63697.1
3.Pete Alexander60.32513.2
4.Cole Hamels40.41801.1
5.Curt Schilling36.81659.1
6.Chris Short32.22253.0
7.Jim Bunning31.41520.2
8.Charlie Buffinton27.31112.2
9.Charlie Ferguson25.51514.2
10.Curt Simmons24.41939.2
Wins (?)
1.Steve Carlton2413697.1
2.Robin Roberts2343739.1
3.Pete Alexander1902513.2
4.Chris Short1322253.0
5.Curt Simmons1151939.2
6.Cole Hamels1081813.1
7.Curt Schilling1011659.1
8.Al Orth1001504.2
9.Charlie Ferguson991514.2
10.Jack Taylor961505.1
Win-Loss % (?)
RankPlayerWin-Loss %IP
1.Pete Alexander.6762513.2
2.Roy Halladay.655702.2
3.Tom Seaton.642577.1
4.Duke Esper.632497.1
5.Tommy Greene.621580.1
6.Robert Person.613606.1
7.Ryan Madson.610630.0
8.Charlie Ferguson.6071514.2
9.Charlie Buffinton.6061112.2
10.Steve Carlton.6003697.1
Red Donahue.6001098.2
Gene Garber.600392.2
Ron Reed.600809.1
Adjusted ERA+ (?)
RankPlayerAdjusted ERA+IP
1.George McQuillan146926.1
2.Pete Alexander1402513.2
3.Curt Davis135565.2
4.Cliff Lee132827.1
5.Charlie Buffinton1311112.2
Ben Sanders131625.0
7.Curt Schilling1261659.1
8.Cole Hamels1251813.1
9.Dan Casey1241197.2
10.John Denny123650.0
Presidents Day: players with presidential names. Monday, February 16, 2015

I count Cleveland only once while most give him two numbers because his two terms were not consecutive...

Cleveland served those two non-consecutive terms interrupted by the second Harrison...

Reagan, of course, played Hall of Fame pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander, himself named after a president, in a movie: The Winning Team (1952).


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