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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Most home runs one ballpark: Mel Ott.

Mel Ott 323 (Polo Grounds)
Sammy Sosa 293 (Wrigley Field) - found by soxpacker
Ernie Banks 290 (Wrigley Field)
Mickey Mantle 266 (Yankee Stadium)
Mike Schmidt 265 (Veterans Stadium)

Frank Thomas 263 (Comiskey Park 2) - found by soxpacker
Babe Ruth 259 (Yankee Stadium)
Paul Konerko 259 
(Comiskey Park 2) - biggest surprise
Stan Musial 252 (Sportsman's Park)
Lou Gehrig 251 (Yankee Stadium)

Note: This post has been updated 12/16/15 due to two omissions pointed out in a comment below by soxpacker, whom I thank for the information. I apologize for being incorrect in the first place. I also added the parks.

Sosa, Thomas, Ruth and Konerko played in multiple home parks. The others played all their home games in only one ballpark and, except for Gehrig, I don't think the dimensions changed when they played.

Derived from a list of players with at least 250 home runs at home:

Photo of Mel Ott
Mel Ott
In 1943 Ott hit 18 home runs, all at home.  Career:
home: 323 HR in 4,576 AB - one every 14 AB
road: 188 HR in 4,879 AB - one every 26 AB
Zero homers in Shibe Park Philadelphia in 268 AB 1938-1946.

For many years Ott held the National League record for career home runs with 511.


soxpacker said...

Frank Thomas, 263 HR at US Cellular Field and, as much as i hate to admit it, that steroid freak Sammy Sosa 293 HR at Wrigley Field.

Not sure who else might be missing.

Kenneth Matinale said...

I just verified your finding. Thanks. I will update my post and give you credit.