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Friday, December 4, 2015

Hal Steinbrenner, what will you do with the $217 million you are NOT paying David Price?

Alternate title: What's more likely to have George Steinbrenner turning over in his grave: paying David Price $217 million or letting the Red Sox do it?  I regard this as a rhetorical question.

Why Yanks need David Price more than the Red Sox do: Babe Ruth. 12/2/15

Pittsburgh Yankees: Hal Steinbrenner thinks small. 12/2/15

George gave up control in 2007 and died in July 2010. Since his death the Yankees have signed these big free agents:

Yankee signings of Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran were mistakes I opposed. Wednesday, October 7, 2015

In addition to signing them between the 2013 and 2014 seasons the Yankees later signed pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, which on its own made sense.  One of my mottoes: always add pitching.  Tanaka put the Yankees over the team salary cap of $189 million but only because the Yankees had already just made the three previous mistakes.  All this followed 2-3 years of limited acquisitions to finally get the team under the cap after many years of being over.  Had the Yankees done that, they would have saved about $100 million that could then be applied to future free agents, while still staying under the cap.

See, I get it.  And two years ago I thought it made sense.  I still do, except that the Yankees are so dumb that in 2015 they spent $213 million.  That's not enough over the cap to have improved the team very much, especially since so may of the non-pitchers are so old.  So why go over at all?

Now the Yankees are doing "let's get under the cap" "let's see if we get it right this time".  They cannot get under in 2016, so why not go ahead and sign the best lefty starting pitcher the Yankees are likely to have access to for several years?  What's the difference?  What will get the Yankees under the cap in 2017 will be the expiration of the contracts of:
CC Sabathia $25 million
Mark Teixeira $23.5 million
Carlos Beltran $15 million.

That's $63.5 million for just those three players.

Adding $31 million plus luxury "tax" penalty (50%?) for Price in 2016 doesn't matter.  In 2017 the removal of those three contracts for Sabathia, Teixeira and Beltran pays for Price in 2017 with about $15 million left over.  So why not add Price in 2016 and deal with the cap as planned in 2017 after which the $21 million annual pay to Alex Rodriguez also ends?  Unless the plan is not to spend any big bucks at any time for any big free agents ... ever again.  Otherwise, the Steinbrenner Kids, led by Hal, are dumber than even I think.

So where will all that money go if not to a player the Yankees obviously need?  Will Hal donate it to the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay?

Does Hal ride polo ponies?
Lancaster Polo Club, PA USA, unknown rider July 18, 2010 by Ficflash via Wikimedia Commons

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