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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Steinbrenner Kids erratic decision making noticed other than here.

What do the Steinbrenner Kids have against Rob Refsnyder?  But first, some independent analysis of unhappy Met fans.

Team Ownership Ratings, By the Community
by Jeff Sullivan - January 11, 2016 fangraphs.com

Just how good is a particular owner or ownership group, relative to the rest? ...

... the Blue Jays blew everyone away, getting hundreds more votes than the second-place Mets...

The Giants finish in first, squeaking past the Cubs...

Despite the talent they have, the Marlins will probably always be a mess. On the worst tier out of the non-Loria group, you get the Mets, edging out the Rockies...Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz, meanwhile, are famously hated by Mets fans the world around, for funneling money to paying off private debts. So payroll now is well below where it was just a few seasons ago. There’s more to it than this, but that’s the biggest factor...

The strongest single response out of everything: 89% of voters said the Marlins’ ownership situation is very bad. Next-strongest: Giants, very good, 60%...

The Mets fell below their expected rating by the most, which isn’t surprising since last year’s Mets won the division and the National League pennant. The big issue there isn’t so much the payroll itself as it is where the payroll is as opposed to where it should be. Nobody trusts the Mets’ ownership group, and it’s not like it’s because of them that the team has such an incredible collection of young arms.


No mention of the Yankees by the writer but I noticed this insightful fan comment, including my use of the term Steinbrenner Kids, which so mirrors what I've been writing here the past few years that I wonder if that person has been reading my blog.

DownWithOBP says:
January 11, 2016 at 5:58 pm

I am surprised that Yankees fans are mostly satisfied with their ownership. The decision by the Steinbrenner kids to get under the luxury tax in 2012 led them to allowing free agents such as Russell Martin, Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher leave the team. They replaced these players with bargain bin options such as Chris Stewart, Vernon Wells and Ichiro. These replacements predictably were not as good as the players they replaced, and the Yankees put a mediocre team on the field in 2013.

Then, ownership did a backflip and decided to spend big. They never actually achieved their goal of resetting the tax. They dropped a bunch of millions on free agents such as McCann, Tanaka, Ellsbury and Beltran. Now it appears ownership has changed their mind once more, and once again is planning to get under the cap. This has led to the Yankees not participating in one of the most stacked free agent classes in recent memory. I think most Yankees fans would find this frustrating.


DownWithOBP is correct.  The Steinbrenner Kids have passed on David Price as they passed on Max Scherzer a year ago.  They're also passing on Chris Davis, Yoenis Cespedes, Justin Upton.  The Yanks will be over the cap in 2016 anyway so why not get some good players a year early.  Free agents between the 2016 and 2017 seasons may not be nearly as good.  And on the other hand, Steinbrenner Kids traded a good pitcher, Adam Warren, for shortstop turned second baseman Starlin Castro and a four commitment over $40 million instead of going with their own minor league prospect Rob Refsnyder, who is one year younger than Castro and MUCH less exspensive.
Photo of Rob Refsnyder

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