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Monday, June 20, 2016

Derek Jeter also has 4,000 hits. Franco and Minoso examined. Ichiro played in minors ... in Japan.

Derek Jeter:

It wasn't so when this post was created:

Ichiro Suzuki: SIXTH pro with 4,000 hits. Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jeter's hits, majors + minors : 3,465 + 554 = 4,019

Two other players have been mentioned as possibly having 4,000 professional baseball hits.

Majors + minors + foreign in baseball-reference.com:
Julio Franco: 2,586 + 626 + 652 = 3,870
Minnie Minoso: 2,471, including Negro leagues; his nine seasons playing in other countries are not included. baseball-reference.com shows them as null.

Finally, Ichiro Suzuki, who reached 4,000 pro hits in 2013, recently got notoriety when his Japan league hits plus his U.S. major league hits passed the major league only hits by Pete Rose. Rose also had 427 minor league hits, too.

Also mentioned recently: Ichiro got hits in the Japanese minor leagues. They would add to his total of pro hits. However, they are not included in baseball-reference.com nor would they put Ichiro ahead of Rose majors + minors.

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