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Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day blues: baby blue numbers, ... A reaction to years of pink abuse?

The Pirates played the Cubs last night. The Cubs uniforms looked pretty normal. By evening I had already seen Met pitcher Jacob deGrom (winner of 2016 Bozo the Clown look alike contest) warming up with his number faded. I then realized that the Mets were wearing alternate uniforms and figured it must be some father's day mess cooked up by the Major Baseball League.

Then I noticed the Yankees, not wearing their traditional uniforms but they too had these faded light blue numbers. And so it went. I didn't notice blue bats but I may still be in shock from the PINK bats used recently.

But last night the Pirates ... they must have gotten a different memo. Where was the black in their uniforms? They looked more like clowns than the others.

For many years the three U.S. team sports in their primary professional league have been playing one-upmanship, trying to show their feminine side by wearing PINK.

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Now this lame attempt to even the scales or whatever. Stop with inventing more ways in which to sell merchandise and yourself. Just present entertainment in the form of competitive team sports. And speed up pace of play!

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