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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ichiro still needs another 427 hits to pass Rose.

The silliness is back: adding stats from the Japanese leagues to stats in the U.S. major leagues. Specifically and pretty much exclusively: the professional baseball hit total for Ichiro Suzuki.

This nonsense started in 2013 when the pro total of hits by Ichiro reached 4,000, prompting this post:

Ichiro Suzuki: SIXTH pro with 4,000 hits. Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Adding in the 427 minor league hits by Pete Rose seems fair, so Ichiro has a ways to go before the nonsense can begin again. Oh, and Rose had 746 major league doubles. Ichiro has few doubles, triples, home runs and walks. Just singles. Ichiro is the Singles King. Their major league averages:

.303 .375 .409 .784 118 Rose
.314 .357 .405 .762 108 Ichiro

Rose even has a higher OBP. And I don't even like Rose but come on.

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