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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ichiro Susuki: 101 of 111 with 2,400 hits in ISO.

Ichiro Susuki is the modern day singles king.

Isolated Power is defined there. It represents the batter's ability to get doubles, triplets and home runs.

The full list of 111 batters with at least 2,400 Hits sorted by ISO is at this link.

Here are the tops and bottoms:

Ichiro's rank in this list of 111 batters on some other averages and the leader:
SLG: 97 .405, Babe Ruth .690
OBP: 72 .357, Ted Williams .482
OPS+: 91 108, Babe Ruth 206

Ichiro's best ISO: .133 in 2005

81% of Ichiro's hits are singles.

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